How maintaining an intense relationship with your partner.

Human beings are completely free to be able to choose the kind of feeling that we want to experience. Evoke such feelings is the first step towards the enjoyment of couples. Couples over time lose the magical effect which I devengo of falling in love, after time passed, your partner is no longer so special as before.

The truth is that being aware of them, it is far more fruitful to have an intense relationship and that what appeared sporadically, is now in the hands of both.

«Stimulate the mutual desire».

The mutual desire of the one to the other, is recalling the sensations that each felt towards her partner, with a pleasant, sexually set conversation, is much easier to return and accessing these pleasant and intense sensations that caused falling in love.

«The atmosphere is enabling for lovers»

The worst thing you can do is wait new pleasant sensations, by simply doing the same. Each context; It recamará, kitchen, swimming pool, has his touch, each place will choose as site fit for sexual enjoyment should be varied and rich sensual colors: red, black, Scarlet.

Each environmental touch, will give their relationship a lively touch. Not always maintain privacy in a same place. That’s just him attributed to the relationship a sense of monotony and stress.

«Everything with desire»

An erotic dance here, relaxing music there. Encourage pleasing and sexual desire is the key that triggers the pleasure that lies between you, always with aromatic candles to be able to set the space. Soft music: SexLounge is the best choice.

«And especially»

Total enjoyment, break off all kinds of phobias and fears.

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