How it Affects Your Relationship Low self-esteem

How it Affects Your Relationship Low self-esteemWhen a person is very often a relationship, self-esteem depends on your partner and the type of relationship that takes. If this is your case where you are connected to a very dominant, and that somehow your head and tells you what to do, but respect your opinion, then your self-esteem hit rock bottom.

Low self-esteem affects your relationships…

The problem is that you probably did not initiate the topic of playing Sergeant. Then one day, your partner may have started, wanting to do something for him or her. Without comment or say anything about it, you do, and from there it all begins.

You get used to this game let you lead, then your self-esteem is slumped without really realizing it. You must understand that low self-esteem can damage the relationship in the future. Frankly, it’s your fault where you see it. If you had advocated from the beginning, the two should be equal and your partner would have much more sense to you.

But all can be well saying it’s «your fault». This is somewhat true, but your partner should take care of you and your your partner, make sure that both are important. How was your life before you met your partner? What then was your self-esteem? Did you feel happy? Sure of yourself? If you answer yes to both questions, then obviously something is seriously damaged.

Hypnosis can help increase your confidence in yourself or your partner, but first you must realize and analyze exactly how your partner is damaging your self-esteem.

Does he or she constantly teases your ambitions? Perhaps you treated as if they are the last person in the midst of many people. If for example you have guests at home, does it make hurtful comments about you? Never welcomes anything?

You must make a short list, (which I hope is small), you do something to your partner that causes me to treat you like you do? Because of the way he treats you, quit to give love or even be nice to him or her. No doubt both lost that sense of support!

The two are adults, they are not children, so this should never be «I will not. She started it.» No, stop, do you think that will change? No?. You are going to change. If you are a good cook, you must compliment your kitchen. Encourage them. Definitely not going to change the overnight. Expect that to happen would be stupid.

But anyway someone has to start doing it. This will definitely work. But it will take time, you must have the necessary pasciencia. But gradually you’ll find something on your person and if your partner really wants to make the marriage work, you strive more and more.

Mind you, never give up. People who surrender, fracazan.

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