How Do I Know If My Ex Still Love Me?

How Do I Know If My Ex Still Love Me?

You are wondering what are the signs that a former boyfriend or girlfriend still has feelings for you? Then you wonder .. How I can know if my ex still love me?

Are those feelings hidden? It’s easy to find? And if you see these signs, what should you do about it? How can you use to get your ex?

Then .. How I can know if my ex still love me?

Knowing how you feel your ex after breaking up is not always easy. Chances are you lost contact. This alone makes it difficult to know someone.

Besides that, your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend will not say openly how you feel. Your true emotions are very well hidden. Secret. They remain that way only for themselves.

Chase is not recommended, since your ex will cut your life completely. Keep pressure when you do not welcome will make you never say a thing.

Sure, eventually you could see your ex to talk. But by then it may already be too late. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may have lived the process by then, or he or she may have forgotten you completely.

Worse, your ex might be seeing someone else.

For these reasons, you need a complete list of signs that your ex might want to come back to you. But let’s give a space to review and discuss the most obvious:

* Your ex still sends you text messages after ending the relationship.

This happens when your ex boyfriend or girlfriend at the moment does not feel absolutely sure of your decision. Rather than risk losing you forever, they maintain open communication … even if that communication is very little.

The bad news here is that your ex has all the control. He or she decides when to call. They decide when to respond to your text messages. Essentially, they’re giving you just enough contact to maintain security. This also disguises himself with the familiar phrase «we will remain friends.»

But then, what is the good news? The lines of communication remain open. Your ex is not ignoring you completely, which could mean a lot of really bad things. If that were indeed the case, your ex might be interested in someone else. Or perhaps whether it might be dating that person.

The fact that they are still talking is really good, but also bad. You talk with him or her a lot, and never give your ex a chance to miss you. This is an essential part of the 100% of the reconciliation process (and no, you can not ignore it).

* Your ex preaches from the rooftops that there’s dating someone else.

This is a good sign that you might want to go back. Many former boyfriends and girlfriends who break do this. In that case, your ex will do absolutely everything so you know you’re not dating anyone. In short, they are completely transparent for the sake of their own interests.

* Your ex will mark the brracho cell, or call you when you feel sad.

A break is like a wall – you have to go through it before you can win the prize of reconciliation. So while you’re trying to get that person to still love so much is always wise to look for weaknesses.

In this case, your ex calls or send text messages late at night when they are alone and are more likely to think of you. Loneliness cause you nostalgic. Nostalgia brings you good memories and you miss those arms again.

Drunk dial phone or call to speak when your ex is feeling sad are two good signs that still have interest. Your ex may not be ready for a romance again, but getting back together is just around the corner if you know how to play your cards.

* These are other signs that your ex still loves you.

When it comes to knowing how someone really feels about you, the best things to pay attention is in the ignition. How is your voice when speaking with you?

Do they show anxiety or decepció? And if you see your ex, what kind of body language vusializas? Your ex is stiff and cold toward you now, totally indifferent, or shows signs of tranquility or flirts with you again?

What if you have no contact with your ex? How can you know that things still feel for you? In that case, you’ll need ways to make your ex contact you. Some of these forms are simple, and you can do without your ex really suspect your true motives.

If you need help to achieve a better relationship and above all back with your ex, visit the links below .. Click here down to see them.


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