Happened you that…

Happened you that…

Fall in love you with deeply someone, so much so that each that you think it something runs you the body, not you stop thinking about him and therefore you can not smile, or when you are counting something terrible… your think on it and still happy.

You repeat in your head all the conversations that have (in which say nothing, except how much they love and are surprised 2 minutes after seeing it). You can imagine her wonderful smile, your eyes that you you find beautiful, and the number of times that’re going you to say that you love it the next time you see it first. You can not help imagining how it would be with him in all your activities, and the only imagine it makes you feel in the clouds.

All day they speak and are written things, you never want to hang up, or want to be away from your phone if you speak, you neglect your life because there seems to be nothing more important than him, you don’t remember or eat.

Time starts to elapse, calls are no longer so prevalent, already not spend so much time together and you would like to get back to what was at first but you do not know how. You comment and seems not to care, you come back to comment on days later and that it bothers him. You decide to be extra – linda for volvér to win, but more linda you are and the more you strive, over away.

Already not smile, you think about it and you get angry, you are very frustrated and each that you enter in contact with him would you file, you regañas, you demand you; He increasingly is more distant, does not give importance to your comments (when someone cynical) either is angry because the you spend calling and the «has much work and many things to do as to which you you become one of their problems».

You decide now get away you, to give him a spoonful of his own medicine and it is that it works!  The returns to be nice and promise you to pay more attention, you you get happy from that everything will return to normal the day you sleep happy, and the next day BOOM!  Again is occupied supeeeeeeeer, you don’t have time, you does not speak, they are not, etc.

Get this time you you angry over because just it talk, but you decide not to tell anything and pretend everything is cool, you accumulated resentment, you fall fat TOOOOOOODO what he says and does (even if it is good, romantic or beautiful things). Do what you do you’re angry because nothing is enough, your want that somehow it compensates the days weeks or months that have not been good. The increasingly less wants to see you or talk to you because you already give fear, don’t know what or who is going to find. Know that what you say will be taken amiss, so try to be very light and superficial.

This attitude of hers you makes you hair-raising: «claaaaaaaaaro, now to the wey better it mothers, aims to tell me that I am pretty or that loves me and that that all fix, that take you more desire!» You yourself know that by more desire that take you it is possible that not you taste because you expect something extra ordinary as Hollywood romantic movie and what makes are normal approach attempts, you get more angry. Come on, your want to reach your Office, school, or wherever you are with bouquets of flowers larger than you. To Serenade sung by the very same Sun, that surprise you with a romantic weekend where you carry. And him you just called by phone, goes home without gifts, mariachis and Luis Miguel. Romantic weekend or we are talking about. To the wey gives terror be alone with you everywhere, you know that you can kill (feel your anger) and if takes you to the beach ahogas it; in the mountains you avientas and there is thus no safe destination. Who wants to spend a weekend with a crazy, reclamadora?

The fact is that everything that you know, you want to remedy, but don’t know how, you feel far away from him, you want to return to approach but are now so far that you lose on the road. Wondering if all your anger were bad or not, then one will answer that Yes, indeed you don’t understand why you still with him. Thus the days are passing, you’re still confused, increasingly more frustrated and angry. You want to be nice and just like that you do not leave, you want to move and can not, you want to send to the scrubbed and what you send!

When you finally think you already deshiciste of him and that he is right you prendes «radio» and they are playing «his song of you» is a sign from heaven! «wey, how many songs there is?» Thousands bone, for something then put the of you…. «one of the 100 who have, but you, well, see as a sign.» So start you to wonder do wonder what if just fought and neither were almost? Or you know, but so strange because LO AMAS, jajajajaja.

And just now that this strange and are vulnerable, the you also wonder and you look for what surprised him at a mad, furious that the whole day calls and takes it for evil everything that do? So we are human beings, very extraños…, but the fact is that he also misses you. You look for and you’re there, after all received a signal from the sky, one of their 100 songs.

Everything will start again, but not from the part father, only the lack of calls, amenities, nice words, not are, claims, anger, etc. My question is how and when it ends??



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