Forgiveness and Confidence Two Different Things

Forgiveness and ConfidenceDefinitely relationships are complex and labor-intensive. Relationships do not happen by chance. Practically Relationships are what is our lives.

The miss understand forgiveness and trust in a relationship is essential to the relationship healthy, happy, loving, a relationship filled With Peace.

The beginning of forgiveness and trust

Some relationships are more superficial, like talking online, look at the exit or at the supermarket or people who are only in church on Sundays. Some relationships are a little deeper. Other relationships are much deeper as spouses, parents, children, grandchildren, friends, etc. ..

Every relationship, no matter what level it is, is Affected by the decisions we make. If you made bad decisions in your life probably had people who were injured. Never we hurt ourselves When We Decided to say something ugly, ignore someone, we are dishonest or walk down a wrong path.

It is true That everything we do Affects always someone else, this leaves very tense relations cast and in need of repair. One of the keys to making relationships work is knowing That you can not take possession of the other person’s position.

If you hurt someone – You should make peace, do not make excuses. Do not try to justify what you did – you must make amends. That’s what You have to do and that’s what I will tell you, you are doing everything possible to restore the relationship.

The Responsibility

You have no Control over Whether the other person can accept or reject your Amendments, but you must understand That this is not acerca getting your decision to accept your apology. It is responsible for 100% make your Responsibility in the relationship.

Realize, I told you in the relationship, not the relationship. They are two very different things. So you can have a healthy relationship, it is essential That you understand and accept the difference Between the two issues. The other person has to choose acerca forgiveness, and Responsibility for Their Own account.

Two of the Most Difficult things in relationships is forgiveness and trust. Forgiveness is definitely not depends on trust, but trust depends a lot of forgiveness. If someone not forgiven, then it is very unlikely That you will be the opportunity to gain confidence.


We forgive others as an act of obedience. Matthew 18:21-22 says: Then Peter came to Jesus and said, «Lord, how my brother Often Shall not against me and I forgive him and • Up to seven times?» Jesus answered:

«I do not say seven times, but seventy times seven.» It is clear That forgiveness is something That we must mandate. That does not mean it’s easy and in our human condition, until it can be almost impossible in some situations.


Unlike Confidence forgiveness is Something That People Have to earn each other. There are many, many scriptures that talk about the fact That info we have to trust the Lord.

It says in Psalm 40:4 – «Blessed is the man who has made the Lord his trust, and has not returned to the pride, or the lie.» I like this script Because our God loves us so much That I never hurt us by pride and lie, but people if you would.

The importance of forgetting

You must Realize That Because You forgive, no matter how many times you do it, does not mean forgetting the offense. Nor Shall not give mercy to anyone who tries to earn your trust, means You should forget what has happened in the past.

The truth Is that we will not forget for a good reason. Our memory serves to protect us and help us heal. Certainly The time can help ease the hurt and May even dispel the memories, but not delete them.


Enjoy the freedom That Gives You forgiveness and forgive. The heart Becomes free to choose to be obedient and forgive others. The bitterness and resentment together With The lack of forgiveness only keeps you in bondage. A slave who steals your happiness, your peace and your life.

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