For what are infidels women?

Not long ago a friend told me: «infidelity is such as stealing, there are who steals by hunger and there are who steals because he is thief and so can not evitar…» Left thinking me it long time and still not be if I agree, I understand what meant me, but I don’t know if there is who is unfaithful «starvation» filled a gap that your partner does not cover.

I think that regardless of the reason why each who is unfaithful, all we are in power, and even think of one way or another all we have been unfaithful once. Some consider talk intimacies with another person as infidelity, some consider the Platonic loves as infidelity, etc. so I asked if infidelity is necessarily carnal or can be platónica…

There are those who do not care to share your body, but does share your love; There are those who have no problem with that ames someone over until there is sex, etc.

Finally, as I have said many times we are because human beings are not «wired» to monogamy us is not so professionalism as breathing, and being this taboo, something that nobody is talking about something that is immediately criticized, people don’t know that you have to take care of itself or why. I have also already said many times that if we believe that fidelity is as natural as breathing the time in which any intervenor thought comes we are monsters and the reality is that all the world the TIENE, men and women alike.

The difference is that it is more natural and therefore easier to separate the sexual feelings for men and for women it is not so much. Our DNA is different, and our education and habits already better or hablamos… is why I say that there are women who have the heart in the vagina. «Only the whores having sex without love,» you hear it so many times that you’ve just convinced that is truth.

I think if you’re unfaithful for whatever reason (hunger or custom) is because if it is in you, I do not think that it is better one than the other. There are who admits that she likes the diversity because there is nobody to fill all your needs and those who justify his infidelity, saying that her husband not peel them, that it is a this or that thing. The reality is that those who are unfaithful normally are for three reasons:

(1) Boredom: when I say bored not only applies to routine, also I mean that they do not share anything with your partner, whether there moments of leisure, alone exits and much less wanting to be followed knowing. Just never meet another person, if we think that we know it all is a bad sign because it means that you think that nothing to discover there is.

(2) Because they do not feel that they are risking much. Unlike men women aren’t so Visual, us to woo us need to admire our partner and when we fail to do so the thing is practically finished. It also happens when we are confident that no matter what the man we will not leave. Be absolutely certain is lousy, women need to know that we are with a man that does not it will allow us to walk him over and that under certain circumstances it will go.

(3) Resentment: ‘ve accumulated so much courage of so many things that you remember and not consciously that infidelity is a way of «charge» so to speak. Do you remember how long it took the bastard in giving you the ring? He had already married all your amigas… you were the last because the reyecito were not encouraged and your just holding vara because it was a partidaso. Do it when you so you cachaste that you came with Paty (the most bitch your generation) while your were travel?  do you you abuse: how loves to make scathing comments from people? can you ignore: how when he arrives in the night, so greet and or you turn to see the very most and panzón? Arrives takes off the shoes the tie and if you’re lucky greets without turning around to see you, etc. Aaaahhhh but such all your aunts saying that it is a Sun? because in front of people is taaaaan lindo…

What I am going here is this: in society and especially the Latin much tends to apologize male infidelity because «they did not I can help» (as if they were animals) and the female is seen as something so bad that it is hardly talk of unfaithful women. Yes there are, and you would be surprised to know how many are the guilty, ashamed and abnormal who feel. And as pa finish feel «love» of their amante… as they do not find another explanation or know how to handle it turn it into love.

In most cases is not love, it’s just that the circumstances under which the «Adventures» are easily confused feelings of any (of men almost never them if you know separate). Beyond the education you received and what you’ve heard all your life… There is a danger-adrenaline dopamine – oxytocin and a number of hormones that are responsible for convincing you that you’re in love. Messages, calls, a little romance (more than your husband, the flatulento, and not of joke).

So before making decisions hasty, pause and analyzes your relationships, your feelings and ask yourself if it’s worth. Ask yourself if already in daily and routine life your lover will not be more boring than your husband.


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