Does Your Ex Want You Back? 8 Signs To Look For — Signs Your Ex Wants You Back.

Look for these 8 different signals that indicate your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend might want to get back together.

First, remember: If the relationship with your ex was serious and lasted more than a few months, then it's almost certain your ex DOES want you back to some extent… but the question is do they want you back badly enough to get back together?

But, warning!! Don't overanalyze things too much… don't try to read too much into your ex's words and behaviours, because it's not worth the time.

Here's a free quiz you can take to identify whether or not your ex wants to get back together with you:

Sign #1 — If your ex contacts you. Especially if they message or call you regularly, ie. once a day. If your ex is reaching out to you, that's a signal. The more frequent, the more interested they probably are. Calls are a stronger sign than texts. And what are your ex's calls or messages about? If it's about personal stuff then that's a stronger signal.

Sign #2 — If your ex wants to hang out with you. If they want to be around you in person, that's a good sign.

Sign #3 — If your ex wants to be friends. Being 'friends' is usually your ex's attempt to keep you in their life, because they're not ready to let go of you completely.

Sign #4 — If your ex asks about you or talks about you with mutual friends (or if your ex is talking about you to their friends) then that's a good indication you're still on your ex's mind.

Sign #5 — If your ex brings up inside jokes or shared happy memories when you talk with them, or if they say they miss you and throw out sexual innuendos, then that's a clear sign your ex is nostalgic and reminiscing about positive things from your past relationship.

Sign #6 — if they flirt with you or touch you a lot. If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend touches you and flirts with you more than they would with other members of the opposite sex, that's a clear sign they're still attracted to you.

Sign #7 — if your ex is jealous. Any sort of jealousy on your ex's part, for whatever reason, is a very strong signal that indicates your ex is potentially interested in getting back together.

Sign #8 — If your ex displays depression, sadness, or if they seem particularly emotional and distraught after the breakup. This is a clear indication that they're having second thoughts about the breakup.

Take this free quiz to see whether your ex wants you back:

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