Did You Lose Your Ex And Want To Be With Her Again?

Did You Lose Your Ex And Want To Be With Her Again?

Did you lose your ex and want to be with her again? Many will tell you that it is a bad decision, but the truth is that only you can know if you were better or worse than you are right now.

That is why, this time, we are going to tell you how to recover your ex helping you to reflect on some basic and necessary aspects to achieve it.

Why did you leave it with your partner?

The first thing that you must consider to recover your ex, is the reason of your rupture. Was it you who left her? It was her? Why? Did you want to have time to be with other people? Was there any infidelity along the way? Did you do something she did not like? Did she?

All these questions must be clear, although, let’s face it, there are times when a relationship ends without being very clear what the trigger has been, simply because there is no longer the same feeling as in the beginning.

In any case, it is important that you try to find out what the reasons for your breakup were, since, if you do not try to make him see that it will not happen again from a good beginning, it is very difficult for you to recover your ex.

But you should not only identify the reason the relationship was over, but also understand how she felt at the time. This point may be even more difficult than the previous one.

Back with your ex.

And, as you can suppose, it is not the same to know that the relationship was broken because you were unfaithful, to understand how she felt when being deceived, put on your skin, and internalize the pain that made you feel at that moment.

If you want to recover your ex, it is essential to understand in depth such things, because they are the cornerstone on which will pivot any recovery strategy and, above all, on which will pivot any new relationship you will have with her.

Why do you want to go back with your ex?

Another key question you should ask yourself is why do you want to go back. We all go through that bad stretch in which we feel alone and we are tempted to call the ex if only for one night. The problem is that, in those cases, you just look at yourself, and you do not worry at all about the other person, to whom, perhaps, you’re hurting him again.

You might also want to go back with her because really with her you were much more at ease than you are now, and that she is the one who does not want to go back with you. In these cases, most of the time, you should seriously consider the previous question, to know what failed, and make it appear that, this time, it will not be repeated.

In another order of things, you may also want to return with it for simple convenience. This may seem absurd, but it happens very often. Someone who ends a relationship may consider that is not the most appropriate person and that there are sure to be other interesting ones, but you can return with it (or try) simply because it is closer.

Since she has already been with her, she feels that it is easier to regain a relationship with her than to find a new one. It can also be fear and safety: It seems safer to have a relationship with that person you were with, than to look for a new one.

In any case, this is a very bad idea, since it is not based on love, but on selfishness, and the only thing that can happen in that case is that, on the one hand, there is no relationship again (because the couple Does not notice any change) or that there is a relationship again, but fails for the same reasons as the last time (after all, you have not changed at all).

Changes are important.

Truth changes, which affect a person’s way of being in a real way, are usually exposed publicly through a large number of means.

For example, when someone finishes college and starts working, that is a change that is reflected in their way of life (they may buy a car, for example, or change some of their routines).

In this sense, you must keep in mind that, in order to show your partner that you have changed, it will be very necessary to show changes that she can appreciate. This, at first, will not indicate that you have changed regarding the way you understand relationships, but it will give you a sign that you are no longer exactly the same.

It does not have to be an abysmal change. It can be a change of look, frequent other places, change some small routine, … All those seemingly minor changes, what they are saying is «I am no longer the same».

This has value in two senses: The first, which I have already commented on, is that she will realize that something has changed, and, consequently, she will think that you may have also changed in relation to the couple relationships Be unconsciously).

The second is that you will be a novelty, at least in part. And it is that, we are not going to be deceived, the fact of being with the same person for months without appreciating changes in her, can cause that the interest in that person is lost.

However, the novelties attract us, so with the changes, you will have more chances to attract again.

To recover your ex-partner acts accordingly.

Once you are clear why your relationship ended and why you want to resume it, it is time to start acting. Getting your ex back is not easy, you will have to work hard to achieve it, especially if it is she who has doubts about whether it is a good decision to have that relationship again.

If she came out damaged from the relationship and you want to get her back, it is obvious that you will have to do everything possible to make her see that you have changed and that you are not going to repeat the mistakes you made on that occasion. However, do not be surprised if she does not believe it … After all, I would have reasons not to, right?

In this sense, since you have already understood what you have missed in the past and how she felt about those mistakes, you must prove that you have changed in that sense even when there is no relationship yet.

What does this mean? That in the process of recovery, when you invite her to take something like friends, when you find her casually, when you write something on Facebook, etc. Let me guess you’re not the same. How to recover your ex

For example, if the relationship broke down because you did not pay attention to her, pay attention to her and show her (for example, when you tell her something, remind her next time, so she gets the message that you were listening).

With these practices, you will be indicating that you have indeed changed. And the best thing is that you will be proving it with facts, not words. Little by little, setting the new relationship that way, you will see how you recover it sooner than you think.

You only have the option to try: recover the relationship with your ex.

On the other hand, if the relationship ended without her being damaged, but you are, I will not explain what measures you should take, because, in those cases, returning with an ex is a very bad and outrageous decision, and I will not collaborate That you lose your dignity.

In this video you can go deeper into the different techniques to return with your ex-partner.

Finally, the option left is simply to end love. No one was hurt, and both of you decided in good ways to end the relationship. In these cases, the best way to approach her again (especially if she is single) is through the memory of good experiences.

In addition, it is a good time to self-critique, analyze the problem and improve it, because if the relationship ended, as I said, it was for some reason detonating (or even many factors accumulated over time).

If this reason was, as in many cases, an infidelity, we recommend you read the following article on how to overcome an infidelity.

As you see, in the case of wanting to recover a person with whom you already had a relationship, you must be very clear about what the previous failure was, and try to solve it from a good start in this new attempt.

I hope these tips on how to recover your ex help you … And if you get it, come back to tell us how it was!

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