Couple problems–inability to love?

It’s funny to see that technical and scientific knowledge that the human being is developing is growing and admirable. This speaks of the great potential that we all have and that we must develop.

But also notes a growing solitude in man. Increasingly the lonely and alone that do not feel well with their reality. They are professionals, scientists, technicians, apparently made people;  but his heart is an empty unfilled.

This leads us to reflect on the important and essential is the love in the life of the people.  We forget how essential it is to love and be loved for being entertained in things that are certainly interesting and important but which should be in place in our lives.

Piensa…. your relationship is not the best to be entertaining on the surface? They discovered the essential?

Perhaps that is the root cause of all your problems!

Achieve capacity to love is the way to succeed in love.

If you have to drive a car you should know to do so. If you write something you must have the powers to do so. Even for things more simple as walking, breathing, etc.. requires ability to do so. In all we must develop the skills needed to achieve specific objectives. Being prepared is the key. And if it is important to be prepared for simple things, do not we must prepare ourselves, educating us to the essential and fundamental things?

Teaching us to relate well, harmony with ourselves and with others is essential, we are beings in relationship and an aspect of an educated person is accomplishment capacity to love. Love yourself and love to the other.

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The capacity to love is achieved by discovering what is love.  If not we discovered then that does not exist for us or we do not believe in him.

So… the first objective is to discover that love exists, it is something very real and it is essential to my happiness.

This is discovered through the concrete works, while love is spiritual, not perceptible to the senses, to ensure that it lives in the human being and is expressed through the works that it.

Works of love are: affability, service, value, respect, truth, Union. This is something simple to see.

Then it is important to have the desire to act in this way in my relationship and without unnecessarily speculate what is love, acting in this way I’ll have a happy couple in a climate of true love.

This work is constant, is something that must be permanently built and I say that it is constant because my work is in one way or another and therefore I choose every moment: that my work is love. This is a walking step by step, carefully and without negligence.

Superficiality, neglect, individualism, egoism are the enemies of the happiness of the couple and we can be very successful in many areas, but if we lack the love is how to eat a delicacy without flavor, we are missing the crux of our life, taste to enjoy it fully.

The proposal is to address the essential first and after accidental things, live in the depth and out of the superficiality and if you are not agree thinks:

In your last three months that was what you was glad the heart?

Success! Gabriel Oscar Gimenez

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