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    1. hey i just wanted to know your opinion on this situation. my ex and i were together for 3 years. i moved down to GA with him & his sister for like 2 months but i moved because his sister and i were always on bad terms so i left after i left the talking for hours started to stop and the calls and text so pretty much everything. so i freaked out and started bitching at him and then told him i deserve better and broke up with him. now looking back i feel like i made a mistake and i want him back it’s only been two days i haven’t call or text him. but i just want to know how to get him back with long distance and his sister disliking me a lot. if you can e-mail me back about this it would mean the world to me.
      thank you

    2. Mike i live in Silverthrone, CO,…do you do appointments??? i am traveling for business will be back in CO in 3 days…man i have been watching the videos…i have a unique case and i need some expert advice…i have already done all the wrong things, texts, calls, etc…..attempting the no contact now,,,need some insight ……. Jason Pierce

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