Can Your Relationship Affect Your Health and Good Physical Condition?

Affect Your Health and Good Physical Condition

Many people now treat every day an exercise routine and it has become almost impossible. With work, children, daily activities, your partner, your commitments, cleaning, laundry and cooking is not surprising is that time does not reach.

Statistics show that people increasingly more are overweight, are less healthy and more sick. Diseases to heart, obesity, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes are increasing.

Then how your health and physical fitness can affect your relationship?

Despite having access to more information than any previous generation, and clear thanks to the Internet, we are not yet being aware of what we need to be healthy.

Where do we focus the blame for this?

Do these fantastic campaigns from mega-multi-national marketing, mass consumption of processed foods and sugars, habits of our more sedentary lifestyles to blame?

Or the real thing is a combination of all of the above?

At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of all and each one of us to be as healthy as possible. If we don’t smoke, eat fresh, organic foods, drink plenty of water, do exercises regularly, and we can sleep well most of us we will see a very rapid change.

The relationship between body image and depression is very clear. When we don’t feel well with us we had less confidence, are more anti-social and disconnect us from the people closest to us.

Our bodies and minds are connected.

Many of us do not understand that the health of our body is connected to our mental health. Our mental state controls the way in which we can feel, controls our emotions, our States of mood, temperament and other perspectives.

Recently, this concept has been explored, discussed and tested by psychologists and scientists of great prestige. Now there are many studies demonstrating the relationship between how well we are physically and so positive that we are, that is how this affects our relationship.

On average we have approximately 62,000-76,000 thoughts per day. Our thoughts have the power to create positive or negative mental States. Your emotions facilitate acts you do and in turn influence your physical well-being and then the cycle continues.

But health and fitness has something to do with success in your relationship?

When you don’t feel well you are more likely to become irritable for your partner. For some reason, instead of reaching our partner in times of internal confusion more likely that you hide your true emotions.

The men actually have a greater tendency to hide their emotions and men suffer in silence. Rates worldwide in regards to suicide are a testimony that men outnumber women in the deaths.

It is really very easy to ignore to confused with ‘stress at work ‘or’ exhaustion’ by the children depression and anxiety. Your partner without hearing this creates a crater that is beginning to emerge, then you are increasingly less able to communicate your real feelings.

Ask your partner, discuss what’s happening in you a little more. Ask specific questions about the work or the children.

If they can not loosen, try bathing together, rubbing the feet to others, or better still, go jogging, or walking together. Spend time together can help start the connection with your partner and get talking.

You should only listen!

Do not try to provide solutions to your partner or you get to compete with him or her. Just listen to him. Nods and say something like «that must be very frustrating for you» or «I am realize that you feel very upset by that».

Sometimes only the simple miss having someone to listen, it gives you empathy and understanding and that is all that is needed. Of echo you are going to be able to understand them better and you will feel relieved by having been heard or heard.

The two should exercise regularly. If you feel that the two are too busy to do so, then sit and make a list. If it is possible they may try to do something together. Maybe classes take a few kinds of sauce or painting, the idea is to do something different.

My healthy tips for your health and condition physics does not affect your relationship:

* Start by removing everything bad in the fridge and wardrobe, and returns to fill it with fresh vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, oils of coconut and organic meat.

* Begins to do regular exercise, even if it’s only twice a week to start. The positive endorphins you will encourage more exercise.

* Create some realistic goals. Make sure that these goals are attainable, relevant and measurable. Everything is a matter of achieving motivation.

It begins a diary of food and exercise, write down everything that is putting in your mouth, including alcohol consumption.

* Stop drinking alcohol for a month at least. The clarity is amazing that not drinking brings and allow you to have more control over your food decisions.

* Begins to meditate. It has been shown that the echo improve breathing, increases concentration and improve general well-being.

Remember that you must enjoy with kindness, love and forgiveness. You’re not a machine, and there will be times in which is possible to want to eat a second lunch plate and that’s okay. Life is made to live it after all.

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