Can Not Be Without Your Ex? Also Feels The Same

Can Not Be Without Your ExIn today’s society where everyone seems to want to hide their true feelings about what he feels, is very difficult to tell exactly what the people care. And it’s even harder to know how much you care! This certainly is especially true with the problematic relationships that end prematurely.

You can not beat being without your ex?

When this happens, you do in fact constantly ask, «Does my ex loves me?» When you can not suppress your love for your ex and can not be overcome without your ex, the following tips can help you find out if the feeling is mutual.


Compliments are intended for one purpose, to more love. Flattery usually leads to a positive perception of (bear with me!). In fact someone who has been part of your life you only give honest praise. Therefore, this makes him or her tell you clearly that he is still impressed by you.


Important communication, either through the media or in person, has a certain supremacy in the most important people in the life of a person and of course take precedence over all others. So if you continue to have priority on communicating with your ex, there is a probability that the love is still strong.

Body Language

No matter what I say or might have said your mouth, your body will always give away what his feelings expressed. This applies to most people. His body language says if you feel comfortable, safe and coquetry. If you notice these details in the body language of your ex is likely that your ex still loves you.


Nothing is more direct and clear in saying «I love you» that physical contact. When two people are comfortable and attracted to each other, both start and allow physical contact. Subtly manifiestale contact if your ex still loves you, expect physical contact.

The awkwardness

When there is a strong feeling between two people, there is often a strange awkwardness when viewed in certain situations. A relationship that has come to a mutual agreement on friendship, are often treated differently and that there had never been a break. If a fumble occurs and does not feel natural in a friendship, your ex still has strong feelings for you.

He talks about you to friends and family

This is always a telltale clue that a person is constantly thinking of someone when you always talk about them! Whether positive or negative, there is a lot of emotion in each of these conversations. This is a valid indicator when the people involved in these conversations are your friends and family! It is very clear he wants to stay in your life forever.

These are definitely not all the tracks as this list could go on and on. However, they are enough clues that will help you organize a happy reunion with your ex. If your ex shows all the above criteria, he or she definitely still has strong feelings for you.

Equip yourself with the right tools and proper information is crucial to not make mistakes in the process, in fact you could be back with your ex in no time.

To see the tools I’m talking about click: how to reconnect with your ex. Thank you for reading this article.

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