Breakups – What To Do To Stay In Love

What To Do To Stay In Love

Break ups are never good for an honest person; unless you’re one of those promiscuous who likes to deceive and betray like child’s play. These people treat their partners more like handkerchiefs.

These are simple adventures, unlike serious relationship, with much mutual affection, love, or care.

What to do to keep the love …

Breaks are based on the incompatibility between two souls who once promised to be together regardless of any adversity; incompatibility creates hate and hate, anger and frustration.

Perfection becomes the greatest illusion, virtue is altered to become regular and intolerable, and all traces of affection and love become a deep enmity. These lovely chat sleepless nights and romantic stroll replaced with accusations and merciless teasing between them.

The heart still remembers the night they both looked at each other until the girl sighing blush of shame, but the man was still looking as if the moon had dropped right in front of him.

Is a fact that the heart still remembers the time he used to get up early in the morning to show a rare version of his drooling face of love.

The heart can never forget the crucial moment was lonely and depressed, but he was there beside her to, hug her, kiss her, patiently listen to all your sorrows and depressions as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

The heart has the illusion of reliving those moments of happiness and melancholy off, but can not afford the deterioration that comes with the breakup.

Sometimes the breakup is that the two people who love each other want to stay in love forever. Sometimes the rupture is a blameless and mutual approach, binding any time can mean an indelible stain of hatred.

It’s amazing to understand how it is so easy to hate the person we love.

The heart feels a sudden desire to harm their own lover with humiliating words; words that once promised never say them, words that would ruin the relationship with his powerful strokes.

We must all remember that words can do more damage to a heart a sword through the body. Even humans patients become more patient in love.

Obviously some friction between two beings who love can happen, but the brand and experience that leaves behind is irreparable and irrevocable. This is the beginning of a relationship that was beautiful becomes contempt each other.

I’d rather be immersed in love forever. You can not afford to bury those golden days of your relationship and plant seeds of hatred over.

It is better to be alone or lonely feeling love forever live together instead of hating each other. Hate is easy; forever love requires courage and commitment.

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