Attraction (part II) switches

duomhm 150x150 Interruptores de atraccion (parte II)

Continued and culminated in my previous publication.

-Have something to offer

You must show that you are different from the others that you’re not boring or mediocre and have much that you could make in his life, which can grow as a person by your side


She has to feel you understand it as a person and that you can empathize with her. Don’t her judge, never.


This switch is very powerful and you can see the easy-to-action for that should work….

If a woman believes that a man is attractive to other women, you’ll instantly feel attraction towards him.

Being alone in a bar are not so attractive that being with two women one in each arm, also can show us with many «friends».

Demonstrate that you have women interested in you, it is a direct way of activating the «switch», to become aware of this took me a while.


You must show that you are a sexual being not someone desperate or needy calenturiento,.

Finally I have to say that explore this part of us, it takes us on a path of adventures, find grow like men, be the best version of yourself.

Is to be atractivo…………… is to be Man of truth, work in this

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