Any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence II

Here the second part of the types of individuals with which we are when we are at the stage of celibacy or búsqueda… all have their charm. And I repeat, any resemblance to reality, is mere coincidencia…. I do not spy who read my column.

The colmilludo: This dude as its name implies has a tusk from here to London Bridge. It has very studied the old, because as well as to them we can classify them, they can classify us and do it very well! It’s like the Patan love women.
They know very well that say and when to say it. You never know well if you like, if you are going or not, if said you a sink or a fulfilled always has you thinking, it clear! Everything that has to do with him in some way is a mystery. You do not know well what is dedicated, or of his family, nothing that is very personal.

They never make you a formal invitation. What they do is something like say: «Do I want to go see this movie and I’m going to go on Thursday, you would like to see?», focuses on the activity and not in who wants to go with him. Obvious never invites you to lunch or to dine because this would foot the Bill and would make it clear that it is a date. It is not to be elbow, because it is not about money, it is a matter of control. That does not know that you like.

In general when you see it (for home games at the gym, Office, school or wherever) is going to ask what you going to do things like going to the supermarket, or to buy x thing, washing the car, etc. Never something you notice as you. Anything that you ask the answer with a joke; and hardly make a compliment about your physician.

If approaching and gives you a kiss, then takes off and tells you that you’re not lanzada… things like that. Knows that doing weird things and presenting himself as a challenge, you’ll be wondering what wave with him. For others it is tell me that they not call journal… or never.

Lo Bueno: you can learn a lot about human behavior observing these kinds of subjects, it is an excellent mental gymnastics that trains you to know when someone that you do not know well how to deal with and can be very fun.

Bad: There is almost no provision to have a real relationship, if you are almost all women will think that you can change… the case is that it this has very tested and you can get very hurt.

The Lantern:
This is obviously somewhat insecure and so worth the money and brands to take notice. It may not have as much wool, but which have insurance the spend on his ship (the more expensive who can pay); his clothes, which has the logos of expensive brands in visible places and if possible, during their watch.

This invites you to the most expensive place who can pay and strives to that you see how much it costs each one of the things that exist in the Charter. Tells you of all his travels (some are real and other imaginaries – based on what they heard people that Yes travelled to these places-) and it also tells you which hotels stayed, which obviously are extremely expensive and it tells you how much each trip cost him his show, etc.

It should be noted that in the meantime it makes or receives a number of calls from your cell phone, all business and serves them out loud to enable you to listen to tooooooodo what he says and how important he is. When hanging tells you: «I’m sorry, but I had to take that call». It basically does everything that you should avoid in your first date with a woman.

When he talks of his work he is always the hero, the best of all of its Office, that company where he works, without it, would be nothing, would fail, vamos… In sport (real or imaginary) he is the best.
Do usually (not always) talk of madrizas, beatings, beatings, lawsuits or fistfights, that guess who almost – killed the other or others hesitate? OBVIOUS! Him.

Good: Hmmmmmm, unless you’re studying psychology and you’re doing a thesis about this type of personality I see no good.


The Fox:

This is very clever, you know that tell you who and when, unlike the colmilludo, this all suggests them that dead bring. Do all tells them that they are the most beautiful woman that have seen, all are told that they have the most beautiful eyes, all speaks of love for the first… get the picture? Ahhhhh and let us not forget that 1267 friends has on feizbu and its wall is disabled, i.e. you can not miss him visible messages in the wall clear! As he explains to toooodas her babes indiscretions?
When you go with him you see in the eyes constantly while talk you and makes you feel that you are the only important human being in the face of the Earth. Start making casual touch on your arm that you do not know if they were accidentally or on purpose. If you feel that you answer (and usually all do) every time it gets more, first takes you hand in hand as it tells you captivating anything, then plays your hair and already finally takes you in the neck and gives you a super kiss that you think that you’ve come to the paradise and the wey you AMA (ay ajá).

The economy of these dudes is diverse, some in all neighborhoods, zip codes, social classes, but where you are, be sure that they will greet several ladies during the date will ring the phone, black BlackBerry, iphone several times and only what it takes, see display face that it is not anything important and back look you deeply in the eye until it rings again. Or is, in a way that you know that it is another old, but not as important as you, clear this!

Good: If you do not know what is a good Kiss, is very likely that the aprendas…
Bad: It is very likely that what you don’t see!

Here I am going to stop, there are surely many more copies and above all mixes of several of these personalities, if you think one, be sure to discuss it and share with us the personality of that copy.


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