Advice on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After a Breakup


So you you’ve broken up with your boyfriend, maybe it was his fault, maybe it was your fault, it doesn’t really matter, all you know is you badly want him back. Well don’t sit there waiting for the phone to ring, take matters into your own hands to get your boyfriend back, otherwise you may lose him for good.

Now this doesn’t mean you should rush to make that call yourself, you see you need to have a strategy to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him for good. You need to play it cool, but not to cool.

Men (and women for that matter) are more likely to pursue you if you play a little hard to get, rather than if you act all desperate and hound them. Most people well be put off by someone who resorts to begging or harassment, you will either end up being used as you are too willing to please or they will end up avoiding you if your too full on.

If you have just broken up with your man, forget him for a while, a few weeks at least, go about life as normal, enjoy yourself, and above all else don’t exhibit outward signs of the longing you are holding inside. If he visits you during these weeks (trust me his curiosity will get the best of him) or calls, play it cool, don’t answer the phone most of the time and turn down offers of dinner or fooling around.

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