9 Steps To Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

Did you ever wonder why no one teaches us how to have a successful marriage or partner, or how to save your marriage when you have problems?

So it’s not surprising that when relationships or marriages living a difficult time, usually after reaching the children, the vast majority of couples have no idea what to do.

That’s why almost 50% of marriages and 75% of relationships are terminated, many if not most unnecessarily.

Steps to Saving Your Marriage:

Often do not know that relationships, like people, are intended to grow and develop. Of course, that couples become committed, marry, establish a home and raise a family, but then stagnate.

Couples are faults of others, but they are blind to their own faults. Blame each other are thrown, and tend to remove the physical contact, mind and emotions until they are completely disconnected.

Step One: Address the problem.

If they realize that continually speak of «the problem», it becomes a real problem, and only serves to put more distance. Paradoxical as it may seem, it is necessary to leave the «problem» aside, for now. It is crucial that the situation has stabilized as soon as possible.

Step Two: They must commit to the process.

One of you or preferably both have to commit to this 10-step process for a minimum period of 90 days. There is need to be honest if you really going to make the changes you expect.

Step Three: Make your marriage a priority.

Your marriage did not come to the state of decomposition overnight, and likewise take time and care to return to its path. Your marriage should be your priority over your work, your entertainment, your friends and family and even your children.

It’s really great for your children the fact of having two parents in a satisfactory marriage to each other.

Step Four: Stability and connect to each other again.

Unable to resolve problems or conflicts of marriage being disconnected. It is important to reconnect with your partner and get into a stable, becoming allies rather than adversaries.

Step Five: Make a list of everything that happened.

Since a stable position, you will begin to feel less stress, more hope and more ability to learn how relationships work. This is an opportunity to discuss how they are meeting your needs and how you are meeting the needs of your partner.

Step Six: Stop playing with your partner.

We all play, but most of us to do are not aware that we do. Games are a dishonest attempt to meet our needs. The most destructive of the games is to blame.

Step Seven: Create a regulation for conflict.

Many couples do not understand that the conflict between the couple is normal and healthy. Many think that virtue is no conflict. What is not healthy is having too many conflicting unregulated, or avoid them altogether, which can be worse.

It is vital that you develop the ability to be able to talk openly and honestly about the issues and what you are not in agreement. That is the beginning of a real emotional intimacy.

Step Eight: Create healthy boundaries in the relationship.

Couples usually do not know or understand the meaning of putting healthy boundaries in the relationship. We all have limits on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as well as couples and families.

Step Nine: Develop your vision and capabilities to save your marriage.

We humans usually envision what will happen, for better or for worse. The key word is progressive. As I said earlier, displayed couples get married, have a house and maybe a family together, but not beyond that.

It is important to create a vision for the future you so desire. To be consciously aware that you need to develop your skills related to the relationship, such as the regulation of conflicts, communication, understanding, and empathy presence.

How relationships develop.

As must be repotted plants, otherwise, their fate is lasmacetas! You owe it to yourself, your partner and your family, not only for your personal and professional development, but also for your development in your relationship.

Besides bringing your marriage to a new and more satisfactory level, you will give an example of great relationship skills to your children and grandchildren. It is up to you how to save your marriage.

You need effective help to save your marriage? Watch the video below!

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