8 Things You Should Never Do To Back With Your Ex

Things You Should Never Do To Back With Your Ex

You know what they say «an ex is an ex for something» That’s right, that this has not stopped most people who want to get back with your ex. Breakups are really painful, and sometimes our first reaction is simply wanting to go back to that person.

Do not judge – I and my current partner parted for a few months after almost a year, then got back together again, and now we’ve been dating for over four years.

Things you should not do to get back with your ex.

When you want to get back with your ex, the problem is … how do you do? How to convince the person you just broke or you just leave? You can read the following tips, but you also have to remember the things you should NEVER do. Here are 8 things you should never do if you want to get your ex:

– Publicly declare your love

A break is private and emotional, and have no reason to involve others in your experiences. If you really love your ex, do not publicly declare your love, like social networks or through a website created just for him or her.

This way to regain the love of your ex is very desperate. I do not believe in it and in fact is not as romantic – Think of it as much.

– Wanting to manipulate your ex.

True, a break can make you feel really bad. Yes, it can cause you’re depressed. You can even bring bad feelings and make you think about things like suicide or hurt. I understand that in some cases these feelings are completely normal.

But please never use those feelings to manipulate your ex back with you. Not nice. My ex used text messages all day and night to say he was going to kill himself because I would not give him another chance. It made me feel horrible.

I never knew if he was serious or not. This is not the way to get a person back to you. If you really have those feelings, talk to a trusted friend or family member or perhaps a therapist.

– Send text messages to respond.

Do not send text messages and call your ex until you get some kind of answer or the answer you’re looking for. This is called harassment and is not right. If you ship text and unresponsive to there. Persistence in this case will not help you get what you want.

– Do something to get your attention

I have heard many girls and boys who give importania to this twisted logic: if you do something to draw attention of your ex, even if that act is painful, your ex suddenly going to want to be with you again.

This makes no sense, and probably will not work unless you have a very toxic relationship.

– Asking for help from friends or family does not help you get back with your ex.

If you’re trying to get your ex back, again, keep in private. Do not involve yourself to others. Especially you should not involve their friends or family members, even if they are nearby. That’s something like a trap to your ex.

– Show you get to where you want.

Please do not think that if you get «accidentally» appearing in places that you know is going to be your ex, eventually he or she will realize that both are destined to be together. This is known as stalk a person is illegal. If you want your ex back Talk it back!

– Change your ex.

Unless you change for your own personal growth, do not change into something that your ex wanted you all to himself or herself. If your ex wants you to be someone you’re not, that means he wants someone else. You force yourself to not be something different for someone else. You’re first!

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