8 Things You Can Improve To Get Your Ex!

Things You Can Improve To Get Your Ex


One question that surely you’ve done more than once after the break is: Should I upgrade or change to get my ex ?.

And although the reason is to regain the love of that person, or regain their heart and get it love again, the reality is that this should do it for you.

One of the qualities to become better people, is constantly improving. Ie putting all your effort into being the best version of yourself.

There are attitudes or ways of being that are very attractive to men, and if you want to get your man, why not start to improve in those areas ?.

Sure you know that friend, that your eyes are not as pretty but has either a very interesting and attractive man. And the question is always: How do you do it ?.

Well, there are features in the personality of a woman who are very attractive to men. And here we will play a small list that you can use to win back your ex.

8 things you can improve to get your ex back.

1- Improve your sense of humor: Having a sense of humor, makes your personality appealing. It makes you see a positive and cheerful person. Being able to laugh at life, the everyday and even yourself is a much appreciated quality. This makes being with you or spend time with you is more fun and relaxed.

2- Critical less: Avoid criticize him or his family, or give corrective feedback. If it is true that constructive criticism helps a person, it is also true that doing too often or for anything, began to look like a negative figure.

If you look at all the time about things or details that must change or scold you more truthful as her mother, who as the sexy woman you are. After all no one wants to have a passionate affair with his mother.

3- Be Independent: An independent woman, who has her own life and interests apart from those of the couple. It is desirable, mysterious and not so available. One feature that men scares them is much dependency and emotional dependence.

This does not tell you to keep out of all your activities, or that do not need it at all. If you enjoy and dispongas no time for yourself.

4- Take care of your look: This is very important. You must focus on looking better, healthier, feminine and sexy. Renew your wardrobe, make a healthy diet, join the gym.

Take time to pamper yourself and make you feel beautiful. This helps in many ways, not just look pretty, but feel more beautiful; which will result in increased confidence and a positive attitude towards you. That will make you look more attractive.

6- not always agree with him: Are you a different person to him, you have your own opinions. Fear not disagree or not support their view. Being authentic is a very desirable virtue. But beware, this does not mean that you maintain a relationship always tense or discordant; but you utter your point of view and explain.

He will see you as someone with own mind who may have entertained discussions.

7- Hear: A woman who possesses good topics of conversation is very interesting. But do not lose focus, even if you are a very intelligent person with much to contribute. It’s good to listen to him, that when he speaks feel that all your attention is on him.

Learning to listen is a skill undervalued, but vital for that person to feel that you care what he says, and that you find stimulating conversation.

8- Trust in yourself: Many women live self-conscious about some aspect of their physical or personality. You must fight against it and take it out of you.

When you learn that you are perfect as you are and love you unconditionally, that will make your personality shine and your presence will be impossible to pass unnoticed. Only to call attention to your walk. It’s all about attitude.

Paying some attention to your body, your outlook on life and striving to improve every day. You will see that ignoring these 8 things you can improve to get your ex you’ll have eating out of your hand in no time.

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