8 Psychological Tricks on How to Regain Your Ex

Psychological Tricks on How to Regain Your Ex

The fact of learning how to win back your ex is not easy, especially if you realize that he or she is already dating someone else. Sometimes, you have to love yourself more, for someone who loves you back.

You have to turn that thing inside you; you have to channel your inner strength so you can become a better person.

Psychological tricks on how to win back your ex.

Many times when we are broken and desperate heart, we forget ourselves. Your world does not revolve around one person. Search the scope of your friends, old and new, as this will be of great help to you.

You must brave enough to do things you’ve never done before. That way you will learn how to win back your ex and you want back.

1. Use reverse psychology.

This is the scenario:

Your ex has already forgotten you, do not respond to your text messages and does not respond to your calls.

This you must do:

He or she probably thinks you’re going to be chasing them, so try to do exactly the opposite of what you used to do. If by chance you spend in front of him or her, not even try to make eye contact.

If you say «hello» to get your attention, say «hello» with indifference. Do the same with their friends. Act as if you did not know any of them, even if you’re in the same room with any of them.

They will ask why, suddenly, you’re not so friendly, and even more when they stop receiving your text messages. They will treat you watch you for a few days, even from a distance. They might even ask some of your friends about if you are already dating someone else.

But do not overdo it. Do not be ignorant. If they greet, wave back again, just do not be the first to do so. Soon you will see that things have changed, and not even realize it.

2. You must make yourself look busy.

Always try to worry about anything. If they both work in the same building, be sure to always do something so you have an excuse not to realize that he or she is there.

If, by chance, the two coincide in the same elevator, do not be the first to start a conversation. Imagine you’re texting someone or something rummaging in your bag.

Another thing, always carries a book with you. Books are a good company. If none of your friends are available to accompany you, and you happen to be in the same area with your ex, looking excuse for not looking up. That way, you can just pretend that you concentrate on what you’re reading.

3. Do not be jealous.

Never look as if esuvieras jealous. If you are heading towards you, act naturally. Imagine that you are going through a couple who are unknown to you. You should not avoid them.

If you avoid meeting him you send your ex a message that still feel love and you’re heartbroken to see it or see it with someone else. That alone will boost your ego and feel good about yourself. Instead of making you feel that way, ignore them and you have to ask yourself why. Turn your head and act as if you do not mind.

4. Change your image, change your look.

Ya say probably heard this a hundred times. Having a makeover and a new look. But what is the real purpose of doing this?

– Having a makeover makes you feel good about yourself. Increase your level of confidence in yourself. You can walk with your head held high; because you know you look good.

– When you look good, you reflect what you feel inside you. We’re going to send the message to your ex that you love more than anyone and that your world does not revolve around you.

– If you change your picture, you’ll have several suitors. Somehow you going to send your ex a way to panic as it might have given someone who is lovely (a) inside and out. Your ex, it might even be who comes near you.

5. You must be cheerful and jovial.

Take full advantage of your time with your friends. Sal more often, laugh a lot, and live life to the fullest. If you’ve been so stressed in the past when they were still together, this new will surprise you.

People love it when their partners are carefree and fun. Generally, people do not like complicated relationships. When your ex sees you as this carefree, happy and fun person, you will wonder why you broke.

6. Learn to say «No» if you want to win back your ex.

If you make it obvious that you still love your ex, then he or she could use that to your advantage pidiendote favors you do all the time, and you nodding without the will to say «no».

Stop being that person who is always available to do things for your ex 24/7. Show some respect and do him no favors to your ex from now. Prove that you have a life.

7. Mejorate yourself, you can go to the gym to do this.

When you exercise, do not feel hurt and vulnerable. You’ll become a stronger person with confidence, physically and emotionally. Do not do this for your ex, but you must do it yourself.

Exercise increases your confidence because you know that you’re shaping your body. literally makes you stronger, as you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

8. Never congratulate yourself to your ex.

This is the scenario:

Both are dressed to go to a party. Your ex complements the time telling you «You look good.» So you’re forced or obliged to return the greeting.

What to say in this case:

Say something nice, but do not exaggerate at all. For example, «You look very pretty, but you wear your detail does not really match your shirt». You’re going off balance because he or she expects you to say something quite good.

You can pretend to be a critical fashion saying «Your suit looks fine except that when you wear your hair like that», and add this, «Well, that’s just my opinion, I mean I’m not an expert or anything» .

The miss win back your ex is an art that anyone can learn and succeed if things are done correctly and especially pasiencia, because things do not happen overnight.

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