7 tips for a good relationship

7 tips for a good relationship1. Know your values!

Take your time and sit down to write where you stand. Write what is most important to you. Think of things you value much with things that make you happy. For example, God is really important to you.

I know that deep down you remain faithful to him. Other ideas include family, money, your business, health, religion, travel, music, volunteering, dancing, flying, or other things. The most common mistake people make is to forget the look of individuality in a relationship. If you lose focus of your inner happiness / values, while you’re in a relationship … is difficult to be happy.

2. Please, you must have goals!

There’s nothing sexier than a woman or a man with goals. Should you know what you want to accomplish in life and you must be passionate to get them! Like Isaiah’s father once said …

«Passion is the key to greatness. Passion is energy. Passion is the motivation to continue. One of the things I am grateful in life is my desire to win. So many people lack passion . never, repeat never lose the passion for your life. »

3. Communication!

Communication is key in any relationship, especially in a romantic relationship. You must be able to talk about things that are working and things are not working. Personally I’m working on this for myself because I value harmony than conflict.

I learned that when something is bothering me, my partner should know at that moment. If you do not know, the feelings will intensify and eventually explode. I suggest you sit with your partner and agree to maintain open communication. BUT! Do not be silly or stupid to tell your partner what’s bothering you. Remember that relationships should be encouraging and positive …

4. Appreciate your spouse, he / she!

Men like to be praised by women. Prove you are aware of what you do and you’re good at that. Similarly, the same thing applies to women. So take the time to see the good in your partner and congratulate him.

It can be as little like the way you smile. So find the right one. I promise that when you do this, you will definitely see a difference in your partner. Also going to invite the positivity and appreciation to each other in the relationship, to help them love even more.

5. Time!

Not much to say about this, but they must spend quality time together. Know your partner’s family, ambitions past, future and everything else. However, spending too much time together! There is nothing funny to see your partner every five seconds. Trust me. You should not make your partner feel smothered.

6. Amate with full intensity!

Love yourself first before you anything and the love of others will flow. I do not know you, but you’re lovely and beautiful. There is something unique about you that no one else has. Caress the part of you and let yourself grow. Never compare yourself with others, because if you do, you always fall short. Everyone is different … so comparing yourself is silly. However, it is a difficult task. Loving yourself is not easy. But who else will do it for you?

7. Fun

Try to have fun as you can in your relationship. I know … I know that every day is not going to be all pink, rainbows and unicorns that falls from the sky, but just about.

I am not perfect at this yet, but every day should include at least one laugh in my life. Remember that life is supposed to be fun and should enjoy otherwise why are we here? That’s why I try to smile and laugh every day even myself.

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