7 Things Women Want Men!

Things Women Want Men

Definitely every woman has her own way of being, but there are things they admire all men, so if you’re a boyfriend, ex boyfriend, or husband, pay attention to are things that women want men and open your Mind!

Things women want from men..

1) Play: A woman likes to be heard, have the attention of your partner means a lot, even if you feel tired from work. You must understand that you did not spend all day with her, so you should give the attention it deserves and needs.

2) The loyalty above all you must be honest, faithful, hardworking, etc. These are the qualities that every woman looks for in a man and what he always expects his partner so you can feel safe with your choice, your trust and love will only increase if you are loyal.

3) Understand that you have a wife and not an employee: Whenever possible you need help with the housework and when you can not do, at least praises his work home.

Even with a simple hug or a kiss full of love, she will feel valued and loved and his desire to be better every day to please you as a couple only going to increase.

4) The review is not good: Never dare to criticize your wife in public, you need not do it, if you need to solve something with it, then you should do it at home, as the saying goes: the laundry is washed at home, remember that it is not an object, treated with respect, just as you also want to be treated.

5) Have fun: Meet her as they always were you doing at the time of dating, they need to know more and more, just so you’ll be able to discover the needs of your partner and you will be able to please her, leaving her totally satisfied with the interest you show towards it.

Another thing that women want from men is that they accept what they have to say.

6) Accept the opinion of your wife: Remember that it is not your enemy, she just wants to contribute something she believes is useful, in fact you are not obliged to follow all the ideas from your partner, but if you listen with respect and neglecting the machismo.

7) It is always wise: Treasure always the woman you have, you always feel loved, do not be shy to have gestures of affection and respect especially in public, those things women increase their self-esteem, and therefore its love for you.

Well, now you just get some supervaliosos advice, it is time to implement them if you have beside your partner or want to get your same ex now, not force, must be natural, be happy to make her happy and be happy you too, good luck!

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