7 Infallible Tips To Recover Your Ex

Tips To Recover Your Ex

They say that «you never know what you have until you lose». And this is usually true in most of the sentimental relationships that end.

According to Argentine psychiatrist Marcelo Cubellun, after ending a relationship, «it may happen that you wake up again in you the desire to return with that person, after perceiving what you have lost.

To achieve your goal, you must temper your emotions with the mind. »

Many people realize how valuable their partner was when it is too late. And it is that it happens that we value our loved ones more when we feel we lost them.

This expert offers seven recommendations to take the right path when you really want to resume the relationship with an ex-partner.

1. Do not have contact with your ex for a reasonable amount of time.

This will be useful for focusing on yourself, in addition to thinking and analyzing if you really want to resume the relationship. Also, the expert says that being away from your middle one, gives you the opportunity for him or her to miss you.

2. Avoid desperately searching for your ex.

When you are very insistent, the other person feels harassed and just wants to get away. If you manifest your interest in returning, do it without pressure.

3. Be yourself.

Do not behave in a different way, since your ex fell in love with you for who you are.

4. Propose a solo meeting.

This will serve to talk about the relationship and know if you have a chance to rebuild what they had. Try to choose a neutral place with a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Reinforce the positive aspects of the relationship.

Do not confront mistakes, it will only create more conflict. You can talk about them, but as a way to overcome them and move on to a new stage.

6. Be cautious and patient.

For a relationship to resume solidly, it is better to go calmly and without pressure. Do not force the feelings and healing process.

7. Do not Be Possessive.

If you want to go back with your ex, you must make sure that everyone has their space. An obsessive relationship and co-dependence is not healthy for anyone and leads to premature union wear.

To return to your ex-partner, think ahead of time about what you expect from a relationship and reflect on the mistakes that generated conflicts so that you do not incur them again. Words of expert.

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