7 Errors Sending Text Messages That Can Ruin Your Relationship

RelationshipCouple relationships change our lives, our perspectives, and fill us with energy, especially when they are beginning.

But over time things change, and people, both men and women, begin to fall into a routine in which there is no longer any surprise or mystery, and both people become «predictable» in their communication.

Big mistake!

Friend, do not be a victim of the bad habits of communication, because they can hurt you very much, either with your current partner or your ex-girlfriend or wife.

To help you, in this article I share with you these 7 common mistakes that can ruin your relationship or your chances of regaining your relationship.

1) Stop typing your name when you send messages.

There are probably things you did when you started the relationship with her that made her fall in love with you, maybe the way you held her hand, or how you greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, or even how you surprised her with something special.

But I bet you at this stage every text message you sent, or most, you started with his name, am I wrong?

There is a certain «magic» in the sound of a person’s name that makes you special. Words like «baby», «dear», «cute», can not compete with simply SAYING YOUR NAME.

If you want to keep her away from you, replace a «hello» with her «name». If you want to start getting interested in you, always start with your name, this gives you strength and personality.

2) Just send you messages when it comes to you.

If you want her to replace you or stop being interested in you, fill your text messages with your problems, thoughts, feelings and insecurities, and ignore what she has to say.

Believe it or not, many men fall into this tremendous mistake. And while some women are very patient and only have to walk away a little when this happens, eventually they always end up getting bored of the man thinking that he is «the center of attention» and departing from the relationship.

So be careful when sending text messages. Take care that she has space to tell you about her life, and you focus, even if you are having many problems, talk about something nice and make her feel good, and only occasionally talk with her more difficult issues.

The most important thing is to calibrate. It is not good 100% of positive messages, just as clearly is not good a totality of messages loaded with problems and insecurities.

3) Do not answer the questions she asks you.

It is important, if you want to keep the interest of that woman that you like so much, or if you want to regain the relationship with your ex girlfriend or wife, you respect her and answer her what you ask, as simple as that. If you do not respond she will quickly understand that you do not care and will walk away.

4) Make her feel insecure.

Friend, remember this: a man who makes a woman feel confident and confident, will always be appreciated and the woman will want to be with him.

Acts that may be making her feel insecure are: not responding to most of her text messages, sending text messages to other women in front of her, or hiding her cell phone in front of her so she does not check it.

Do not make her feel bad!

5) Send you text messages when you are angry.

We all know that the moment we are angry and with rage accumulated our text messages will not be the best and we will REPENT from them. So why do we keep making this mistake?

Simply because it is easier for the human being to download anger in something like a text message than to tackle the problem from another angle.

It is best to wait to calm down, try to distract yourself by listening to music or watching your favorite TV show (the comedy series helps a lot to lessen the anger quickly), then let her know how you feel.

6) Never tell her a compliment when she struggles with something.

There are men who do not look at the details women make and never tell them a compliment or a nice phrase. Classic mistake that makes the woman gradually lose interest in him.

There is nothing like feeling appreciated for what you do. This affirms the couple relationships and sends the signal that you are really interested in investing in the relationship.

So the next time she does something for you, however small it is, send her a text message telling her that you appreciate her and thank her.

7) Just send text messages sexually.

Whether you’re getting to know a woman or trying to regain a relationship, sending only text messages sexually or provocatively can be your worst enemy.

Worse still is when a woman sends a text message with a tone of tenderness and affection and the man misunderstands this and responds with some face or sexually provocative message.

The woman will immediately realize what your intentions are and above all, what is most important to you, and you will lose value quickly.

Text messages can be VERY useful to improve the connection with her and grow the relationship, but they can also quickly destroy all your chances with her.

My advice is to send you text messages worrying about what your real intention behind the message, trying to make her feel good, listening to it first and then talking about you. Do not send «unsent» messages, make your text messages missed by her and have value.

Only then will you make her think a lot about you and keep the interest.

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