Marriage Indestructible

6 Secrets That Will Make Your Marriage Indestructible

When we get married we want it to be for life. Love is one of the main reasons for union, however it is not the only necessary ingredient for marriage indestructible.

I can say that with 19 years of relationship spent «a lot of water under the bridge» and reflecting on my marriage I realize that I learned a lot about my relationship. I met my husband when he was almost 16 and I was almost 14. We were very young but after much love and mutual knowledge we came to form the beautiful family we have.


It is one of the primordial secrets. It’s not just about verbal language. Communicate through actions; and you also communicate when you omit some others. If after many years of asking your husband to lower the lid of the toilet you go to the bathroom and it is still up, because then it is communicating to you that it does not listen to you, or that it is not something that interests you.

Simple and everyday encounters like this one, however, can trigger even greater conflicts. Although they are in the honeymoon stage, the correct thing is to communicate what they need from each other so that in the future there will be no misunderstandings. They can be known from childhood, but living together as a couple outcrop our true way of being and let us know the other as it is.


It is assumed that in a relationship of two people who love each other respect is an essential condiment. However, many couples come to marriage «withstanding» their partner’s disrespectfulness in the hope that someday that person will change.

When there is a lack of respect in a couple it is very difficult to go back. You can ask for forgiveness if you have lost your temper, but when disrespect is daily, when humiliations are habitual-and even in the form of a joke-it is very difficult for a marriage to be genuinely indestructible.


The connection that we humans achieve in intimate relationships unites us even more with our partner. The good sexual chemistry in a marriage will be the perfect condiment for that intimate union and complicity that is so necessary in two people who love each other.

The daily kisses, hugs, walking hand in hand also unites us to the body of the other and allows us to show that we are still attracted to our partner.


Pride can destroy a marriage. If you have discussed too much and when things get cold you still feel angry, it is time to put egos aside and join in forgiveness. Forgiveness nourishes the couple and calms the storms.

Do not be afraid to apologize, and if it is your partner who has been wrong tell them you can forgive them and they need to talk and give themselves a new opportunity to recompose the situation


Faith in God accompanies every indestructible marriage. When things get ugly, when some problem afflicts them, when one of them is in trouble, Faith is one of the pillars that should never be missing in a united marriage.

In addition to love, which moves everything and everything can, the foundations that build an indestructible marriage are made of two. It is the small daily experiences that will make them join more and more over the years. Marriage is one of the most beautiful things we can live together with the person we love. He puts all your effort to keep it and live it to the full.

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