6 Rules On How To Win Back Your Ex

Rules On How To Win Back Your ExIf at this time done with your partner, but for some reason you would like to get your ex partner, I ask you know what to do ? If the love of your ex is so strong and want to know how to get your ex back , this article is for you.

6 Rules interesting and easy to apply to get your ex back and you need to apply as:

Rule # 1 – the first movement

You happen to re-enter his life. In this technological era social networks are the best way to reconnect with people you care about. Just make sure you have valid reasons to contact your ex again – that is, this latent love between the two .

Rule # 2 – Do not be harassing

Once you can initiate contact with your ex, you must be sensitive to the way your ex might interpret your message. You must prepare for what could be the result .

For example, say you sent a message but did not get rspuesta . Knowing that your ex is online and in fact has read your message, it is likely that no longer has the same interest . Then you must go back a little .

Definitely a different story if your ex responds with enthusiasm. However, you must ensure that it is still available !

Rule # 3 – Do not turn away over your ex

Bear in mind that even if you have happy memories together, all now part of the past. You do things gently and not overdo it and push thinking that history with your ex is enough to regain his love . Focusing on your past relationship is no right way of how to get your ex.

Remember the good times is good, but both should think about it. Note that broke the relationship. Maybe a problem happened during the relationship, and they had to separate . Good memories to rekindle the relationship may not be a good idea.

Rule # 4 – Communication

They talk about things . Discuss the problem of the past , but , I repeat , do not dwell on these problems. It might help the fact that I at some point are ready to talk about what happened . This will help you both to move on.

Rule to Get Your Ex # 5 – begins again

Once you have talked about what happened , should stop just past problems in the past. Both should close this chapter and then start again.

Start over , that means starting a new scenario but completely forget past mistakes . This is where most couples fail, when still bringing up the past.

Rule # 6 – Do not hesitate to ask forgiveness or apologize

No matter who may be at fault , both must be asked each other for forgiveness . This will take a step adelnate to get your ex back . Apologize is a sign of maturity for both. When you are able to admit your mistakes and change , you might have a chance.

The rule to get your ex most important is that you realize that you have changed for the better – both have changed for the better and are willing to give the relationship another chance .

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