6 Reasons For Not Back With Your Ex

Reasons For Not Back With Your Ex

We’ve all been through this. The temptation is there latent, the circumstances are right, and you sincerely weighing the pros and cons of back with your ex.

And while this may seem like the best idea or action to follow, and in fact probably should avoid at this time. Here, let me give you 6 reasons not to get back with your ex more pressing.

Reasons not to get back with your ex.

1. You broke the relationship aluna reason.

Remember your relationship may be all that is in your mind now, but this nostalgia is probably false – your fickle mind is conveniently ignoring all the things that caused the problem in the first place.

Who wants to remember nostalgically deception or constant arguments at one time or another? No One. You probably want to delete that from your mind, and just think when you gave him a kiss on the nose aque day.

If the relationship broke you should not completely forget why it happened. In fact you should be aware of all aspects of your relationship now that term, not just the impressive moments.

2. You’re just going to break again.

In echo we all like to believe we are the exception to the rules of love and dating, but the truth is, you’re probably going to break again. It is known that kind of couple who live constantly in a fight, vowing not to hurt each other again, sleeping together for a week, and ending the relationship on Facebook the next day.

It is painful to see people who can not accept that they are not meant to be together, no matter how exciting is the romance. I can tell you with certainty that such a relationship is shit and humiliating. Save yourself while you can.

3. Only you is attractive by custom.

I do not mean that there were other qualities in your ex you loved, or simply «can not find in another human being, that quality», but do not pretend that a large part of its appeal is the custom.

You know what you like about your ex, what you think, and usually what you are as a person. Feel the opportunity to have that amazing «reunified comfort with your ex».

Who is not at least a little tempted by convenience, familiarity and low to put effort? All can be lazy in the sentimental aspect. But do not think that just because you know means it is inherently better than other options. After all, knowing someone’s pretty impressive.

4. Jealousy.

In fact this is an uncomfortable reality, when you get back with your ex after a break of almost any time, is very likely to face jealousy of all that happened when they were not together.

Maybe they went to a few quotes, perhaps only had spent some drunken night in a night of whiskey and bailarron until dawn. In any case, you probably did something, and then becomes 100 percent of his business.

If slept with friends trying to forget, just hang on and understand. Does that sound fun? If you say yes, you’re a liar, as it is one of the least fun things in the world.Get ready for endless jealousy !.

5. The two have probably not changed at all.

Maybe you left the relationship and gave a complete turn of 180. You made a makeover, let go of the resentment toward your parents, you cleaned your apartment and began to eat well, learn to have more fun and feel less stress on small things.

But probably not changed. You, along with your ex, probably are the same person, and are willing to fall back into that quicksand of the above relationship.

The same arguments, the same personal defects, the same incompatibility -, ready to crawl back to exactly the same breakdown gone by. And frankly, no one deserves that fate.

6. Another reason not to get back with your ex is that billions of people on this planet there literally.

Although particularly after a breakup could be very heartbreaking, there are other fish in the sea. While it may seem as if the whole world has fallen on you, the truth is that there are so many people out there with whom to create a new story, and perhaps eventually start something.

And while it may seem daunting, having to find someone to start all over again and possibly end up the same, you can also arise hope.

There unexplored paths of people you do not necessarily let’s fight for everything, and we may not have to deal with a break of any kind. And even if you do not meet the person of your dreams, at least you tried.

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