6 Questions You Should Ask yourself Before Back With Your Ex

Before Back With Your Ex

Many times a couple who broke their relationship they want to be together again look to make things right. Maybe Might have hope in this time of separation old wounds are healed.

If this is your case you must learn to find a balance between what caused the break and the new relationship you intend.

Here 6 questions you should ask yourself before returning to your ex.


1. Why terminarion the relationship?

You are considering who is to blame for the breakup? You think your ex has changed since that time, do you think you’ve changed your too? Say your ex has changed for the better, but you do not.

Would you be able to remove these unwanted behaviors within you? You yourself can be the biggest problem to succeed the second time. Likewise, you changed for the better, but your ex does not want to overcome any problems that may resurface again.

2. They broke the relationship a couple of days ago?

There is actually considered a break if both break and get back together. If you have spent months or even a year since the breakup, then you can consider truly back with your ex.

Now, if they broke a few days ago for the first time if deemed a break, but we’re talking about a longer period of time. So if you have been separated for a long period of time, you may have more success.

3. What is different now compared with before?

What has happened since the two separated makes the possibility of a better relationship successive now? If things have not changed a new relationship to time any of you will end as it was the first time.

One or both must have done something to improve their lives so that they can avoid the problems quesucedieron above. If you have not changed anything would be better not make a commitment yet.

4. Can you commit to the new love you feel for your ex?

Now if both must be sure to proceed with this new relationship without falling back into old patterns of problems once lived.

5. If one of you was unfaithful how can you be sure it will not happen again?

This could be a real problem because some people just can not get over infidelity. He who was unfaithful searched therapy? What security have now everything will be fine and another deception will not return to happen?

6. Before returning to your ex ask yourself this: Could this be a rebound relationship?

Could you you or your ex have had another relationship failure after they broke? For example, you started a new relationship that ended and now looking for a quick way to be with someone.

This type of relationship will not work. There is the possibility of hurt feelings to surface, unless both are aware that this new relationship would be short term from the beginning.

If you did these 6 questions before returning to your ex and you feel comfortable with your answers then you can go ahead and continue. Many couples have returned and have had successful relationships. You just be sure to get back with your ex for the right reasons.

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