He Is Losing Interest In You

5 Unexpected Symptoms That He Is Losing Interest In You

There are times when men begin to act «weird» and it becomes completely predictable that he wants to start getting away from you because he no longer feels that connection that was between you at the beginning of the relationship. It’s when he’s losing interest in you.

For women it is very easy to decipher this type of behavior and automatic, one of two: either begin to prepare to get out of that relationship or put all their energy to try to save it.

But there are men who are a little more analytical and start doing things that might seem unexpected when they want to leave a relationship, that’s why we show them here so you can be alert to any of these signals, they could indicate that he is losing interest in you, open your eyes and check this info!

1. Invites you to do new things.

Symptom: He proposes that they go to places they had never been before, try different experiences together and everything points to the fact that they want to get out of the routine they had in the past.

Why does he do this? Precisely because of this, maybe what goes through your mind is that it is not you, but the activities that you did together that became very repetitive and you think that changing the scenarios or circumstances could give a new air to the relationship, it does so Check if it’s that or it’s your company that no longer makes you happy.

2. He is losing interest in you: Start asking you to spend more time together.

Symptom: wants to see you longer than they used to be and also involves you in more activities that you did not participate in (for example: they go to more parties with their family)

Why does he do this? Because when you want someone and you have no doubt that you would like to spend the rest of the time with that person, you bring them closer to your life. Surely you are evaluating this possibility to realize if they are compatible to 100.

3. He is losing interest in you if he asks about the future.

Symptom: you question aspects such as: how do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you want to have children? Do you want to marry someone ?, among others.

Why does he do this? It is because he surely individually has certain plans that he would like to carry out in the future and is rectifying if they really have these common life plans to know if he stays or leaves there.

4. Start paying more attention in the details.

Symptom: Do things you did not used to do before, such as: «chulearte» how good you look, ask yourself «how was your day today?», Offers you help on things you did not do before.

Why does he do this? He wants to know you much more, he wants to know how you think and is «evaluating» your behavior for him to realize if they are really those two people who met and want to move on. Here you can notice a little more of your essence and make a judgment about it.

5. He is losing interest in you if he is more affectionate than usual.

Symptom: he hugs you, he kisses you, he wants to spend more time alone with you, he provokes those moments of intimacy in different senses.

Why does he do this? Well they say that «love is not words, but actions» wants to confirm that you truly feel those «butterflies in your stomach» when you are with you and as you do not want to rush to make a decision you want to exhaust all possible «resources» so that If he leaves, I can do it completely in peace.

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