5 Tips For Calling Your Ex Without Appear Needy

Tips For Calling Your Ex

You just broke up with your ex girlfriend, you want to call it but not spoil that call with an act of begging. You say yes, I can call, but you must understand the psychology of the breakup.

In fact break is not easy for people. Your ex girlfriend may not want to know anything about, let alone talk to you. So, when you call, you have to make is that the call has nothing to do with the breakup.

Thus, it can then call you back or at least think about the possibility of talking to you.

Here are 5 tips for you to call your ex without seeming needy:

1. Beg not.

Priate take that phone before dialing your number, remember that the call is not to beg him to come back to you. Nor is it to tell her to go out with you again, or even tell her to forgive you. You have to keep her voice steady.

2. Do not act like you’re in an emergency.

Do not tell that it is an emergency call and need to call you back as soon as possible. This is an old trick, and nothing works well. Remember that name, simply because you want to hear his voice.

3. Ask him talk in person.

If she answers your call, do not converse with it too long. Ask him if you can talk in person. It is important because it is better to talk to her face to face. You can use this talk to get her interested in you again more effectively. Remember, you do not talk much on the phone.

4. Preciones not to answer your call…

If she does not answer you, just do not push her to answer your call. Let her be the one to decide. Just tell the answering machine that means there’s something you want to say and devuelda the call.

5. Additional tips for calling your ex girlfriend is to encourage interest.

You have to make her feel interest in you. Drop him a message that sparks your interest. For example, you can tell that you appreciate the things she has done for you, but you want to say it is. This will make her want to call you back just to confirm.

Remember, if you really want your ex to call you back, just stay calm and avoid pressure. Do not be so desperate to get your answer, and I try to play with it to create an interest to you, which will make you want to call.

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