5 Things That Make Your Breakup Be Worse

Things That Make Your Breakup Be Worse

When you have just broken up with your ex, there are things or details that can make the situation worse. If you do these things, you’re likely to see your ex this increasingly away from you.

These things may not seem to be important to you if you want to separate yourself from your ex forever, but it will be very important if you want to get back with your ex. Here are those five things that make your rumpimiento worse:

1. Harass

Being relentlessly bombarding your ex with text messages, phone calls, emails, etc, constantly begging to come back to you. I call this the shadow of your ex. For that you will always look your ex no matter where you go.

Maybe even have to change your phone number and email address just to get rid of your shadow. And even worse, maybe even have to rent a new home to get away from you. As you can see, the bullying does not work. Stay away your ex even more. Therefore, this is a good strategy.

2. Be threatening

Threatening is an art of manipulation and many women use it to have control over the relationship. Of course, once the relationship ends, most women do not realize that they no longer have control of the relationship. Do you think your ex back to your side again if you use the threat? Think about it. It will not work. Your ex does not want anyone to check. The threat will only create more bad feeling about you.

3. Depression

Yes it is, the decision to break the relationship could break your heart into pieces. But, not an excuse to fall into a depression. No excuse to neglect your own body and person. Most people cry all day after going through a breakup, and it often goes for weeks.

These people can not overcome. But you must remember that if you are depressed, you will see weak and show your weakness to your ex. You must be a strong person. Do not cry if you suffer in disproportionate rupture. Instead, think carefully about the steps you’ll to get your ex back.

4. Blame

The blame yourself or your ex for the break will only waste your time and energy. But why do not you blame? Blame or blame will not solve anything. Blaming only worsen the situation. If you know very well the cause of the break, you’ll do more damage to your heart if you keep blaming. It is the cause which you should care. Is your firm decision to overcome it, find a solution to solve the problem. Is that what you should do.

5. Reject the break

Most people do not accept the reality that they are separated with their former partners. Therefore, do not want to accept reality as it is. If you reject the reality, what will happen? You will live a life full of illusions. And this, of course, will make your life miserable.

Reject the relationship ended and the rejection of the possibility of getting your ex is the worst thing you can do. You have to accept, and accept the possibility that someday you will get back your ex again. If you accept this possibility will have a new hope and your days will be meaningless.

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