5 Signs that tell you what your boyfriend is for leaving

Signs that tell you what your boyfriend is for leavingWhile these signs when your boyfriend is making are clear as crystal, it can be easily seen by a woman. Not only how to communicate in men (or not) about love and marriage often confuse the woman as she is very much in love and does not understand why it seems to be receding, it is not likely to see the right signals.

How to tell when your boyfriend is about to leave ..

Therefore, if you are that woman, how to know when a relationship has ended, or the end is coming?

Here are some of the signs that men send when they want to leave the relationship are their partners:

1. Do not keep your promises – at least, do not you follow them.

These can be very important, such as remembering to book a holiday or to engage in the time off from work, or minor, such as remembering to stop on the way home to buy bagels for breakfast a relaxing Saturday morning in bed.

Because they «forget» and not only occasionally, and is becoming a regular habit in recent times, this is a clear signal to you, and things you want or need, they are just in your mind .

If that is happening, you have to consider what (or who) is in your thoughts? He is consumed by problems at work, perhaps the health of a family member or friend, perhaps your children if you have … or is there someone else?

2. Less intimacy between you …

Or it could be that physical closeness and moments of «couple» have almost disappeared. This large signal from your partner if he does not want to touch you, you realize that hugging or touching the face of television is slowly declining, or have disappeared.

You can still have sex, but different, and he is not willing to stay in bed or just fall asleep immediately afterwards. In bed or out, the intimacy is gone.

He can stay late and get up earlier, so it is really only physically, when both are asleep.

3. He does not want to spend time with you.

Not wanting to spend time with you is another great sign that your boyfriend is leaving you, say that he «forgot» to let you know that you will be away, or will be late, or not calling you when he is away, or ignores your calls / text messages.

Do not want to spend time with you and if your friends or your family is another great sign that you should not expect a future together.

4. What about money?

How your partner uses (and actions) what they have, including time, property, and above all their money, says a lot about the state of your relationship.

Is not that enough to take less money? Could it be that he is spending it elsewhere, or are saving to have your own place (if you own your house or your apartment) or other plans that do not include.

But of course, could also be true that this gathering money for other reasons, including perhaps a down payment on a house that suits both, or a honeymoon.

5. Pay attention to his speech …

For you and for others, know how to talk, when you’re not around. If your conversation is more «me» who «we», you probably already’re not in your mind.

Have you read these signals that men send correctly? Are you waiting for a man who says he loves you but does not see you as a person who plans to build a future?

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