5 Proven Ways For a Man To Think a Lot About You

Man To Think a Lot About YouMany women have asked me how they can make a man keep alive the interest in them, be it his ex-partner or someone they are meeting. The first thing is to clarify that arousing interest in a man and keeping him interested are different things.

It is because of this confusion that many women tend to make mistakes that ultimately drive men away. But do not be scared. You can still get that man or your ex boyfriend or husband to keep the interest and think a lot about you.

To achieve this you must make sure you follow these 5 proven ways for a man to maintain interest in you:

1) Do not be an «open book»

Men love mystery, so you have to worry about always being mysterious. Do not let this guy you’re meeting, or even your ex-partner, know all about you.

A tip for this is that whenever he feels he knows everything about you, show him a different part of you (a hobby he does not know, a sport that you like to practice, a music that catches your eye, etc.), one of which he has no knowledge. This will ALWAYS keep you interested and permanently want to find out more about you.

In fact, «little mysteries» always keep a spark in all relationships, whether new or old.

2) Do not change yourself, just improve your positives

There is something in you that caught the attention of that man you want by your side. Some feature in particular you liked and that is what you have to enhance.

Many women in trying to recover their husbands change too much, become unrecognizable, and this does not always guarantee results.

If you change too much you are more likely to get the man to lose interest. That is why you should not change your personality, should only enhance the positive aspects (increase your self-esteem) and of course, try to work the negative (jealousy, irritability, selfishness, jealousy again, etc.).

That always does remember: you should NOT always agree with what he says. This is key to maintaining your interest and making you think of yourself.

3) Be interested in what he is passionate about

Many men let their women know what they are passionate about, whether it be a style of music, a sport, their work, their favorite hobby, and so on. and many women do not pay much attention to this.

This is one of the aspects that more relationships of pair destroys. The lack of attention to the interests of your man.

If you show interest in what he is passionate about, you can have a much closer and more solid relationship. If you’ve never played golf, but you know he loves it, maybe you should spend some time learning some of the punches and accompanying him one day to perform his favorite hobby.

You have to make it clear that you do not need to like everything he likes, you just have to show interest and most important of all: pay attention to him. When I talk to you about something that appeals to you, put your cell phone or TV aside and look it in the eye.

And you never know, maybe you find a passion that you had hidden and that you can share together.

4) Praise Him from time to time

Men love to be appreciated, as do women. Make sure you recognize the little things he does and show him appreciation. Try to be as real as possible. When the situation warrants tell him that he is intelligent, gentleman, that looks good, that the appointment was great, and that you had a good time with him.

If you do these little gestures he will feel important, you will feel of value and will want to do again what made you feel good.

5) Do not rush into the sexual

This is a mistake that many women who want to regain their ex-husbands or boyfriends commit. When they meet with them after the break, they try to «catch» them by doing sexual things ahead of time.

This, unlike what many women believe, does not catch the interest of men, rather it makes them know that they do not have to push themselves too hard and that is the main problem when it comes to keeping their interest.

If you are a liberal woman this does not mean that you should «jump into bed» with him as soon as possible. Wait until they have talked more. Wait for the conversation about you to be direct and make it clear at what point each one is. Otherwise the feeling that you and he will have after a sexual relationship will be empty and even with certain shares of depression.

That is why many men after that sexual encounter do not call and disappear from the map. This is because the sexual bond was just that, something about sex and not a deeper connection with the other person.

I hope with these 5 simple yet powerful tips you can understand how to keep the interest of that man who cares so much. I assure you that if you follow them to the letter, it will make him think a lot about you and that the relationship will return to the direction you want.

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