5 Mistakes You Should Not Make at the Beginning of a Relationship

Beginning of a Relationship

Finding someone special and getting to know each other is a wonderful adventure and a pleasure for the senses.

All your thinking, your energy and your illusion are placed in it. Will you be the man of my life? You wonder.

And you want to do it right. Do not go back to making mistakes that led you to suffer in the past.

Do not repeat more patterns of behavior that you know that lead to breakage. Fantastic!

If you need inspiration, here are the 5 mistakes you should not make at the beginning of a relationship.

Make up a character. We all strive to be as handsome, charming and attentive as possible when we are falling in love with a new couple. It is perfect that before you stay with him you clean your house, put on your best dress and look for fun conversation topics.

But do not make a character that does not exist trying to be perfect. Do not hide your opinions, beliefs, likes, weaknesses. Because if he does not like what you really are, you’d better find out as soon as possible.

Talk about your ex. From a certain age, we all have a past … and at least one former partner who has marked us. But that does not matter to your present love. You know you’ve been with others.

That you have suffered and made suffer. If there is any truly relevant fact, such as that you were married, you must tell her. If not, save the conversations about the ex for your friends. Really, he does not care.

He wants to share your future, not your past. And the life of your old boyfriends is of no interest to you.

Criticize too much. No one likes to be with a person who only sees negativity and bad things in others. Especially when it comes to someone you just met.

Remember that a man who truly appreciates you not only seeks beauty or sex appeal in you, but also those qualities that are not seen with the naked eye: goodness, empathy, sensitivity, intelligence.

If you get to criticize your friends and acquaintances, politicians or your boss, you will quickly think that the next one to go through your terrible filter is him, his way of being, to dress and so on. And that will keep you away.

Tell you all your past. Yes, in order for two people to fall in love they must really know each other, and take away all those social masks that we put at the beginning of a relationship to please the other.

But that is a process that takes time and must flow naturally. Do not tell your partner all your past to the first of change.

You can overwhelm him with too much information and give him the feeling that you are looking for someone to compensate for your painful injuries or to rescue you from a life full of troubles.

Put sex first. Of course your new partner attracts you. What’s more, it excites you a lot. Just thinking about it … revive! Fabulous, but do not make the mistake of using sex as a way to receive affection or to show that you are more uninhibited and released than anyone else.

Remember that it is easier to undress physically than emotionally. But good sex flows when it contains a good dose of love and confidence, in addition to the «spicy.»

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