5 Common Reasons People Breakup? Can I Get My Ex Back? Relationship Breakup Advice

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There is nothing that feels worse than being dumped by someone you're dating. Especially if you really like them. There are far more than 5 reasons why people break up, like money, for example. However, here are some common issues as to why people decide to bolt, even if they may really like the person they're with;


Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Women get serious when then meet the right man. Men more often get serious with the woman they're with when ready to settle down. The priorities are different and may not coincide at the same time. David who was 27, dated Charlene for 2 years before he broke up with her. The next girl he dated, Rebecca, he proposed to within 11 months. The difference? In his late 20's his friends were still single, and he didn't want to settle down. By the time he met Rebecca, he was in settle-down mode. It wasn't that Charlene wasn't compatible.. the timing was just off.

Still Fooling Around

A mans head seems like it's on a swivel. Always looking for the next conquest or the next best thing. They like to one-up constantly looking for an upgrade in what they already have. (I know, lousy mentality!) No matter how their current woman is, some men just feel like they're missing out. I say don't even bother with committing to a serious relationship. Get it out of your system and commit when you're ready to honor that union.

Fixated on the Doom and Gloom

Nothing is worse than having someone nag at you constantly. Who wants to have someone pointing out every negative thing they don't like or disagree with/ The more people date, the more red flags they create. People start to worry that the nagging will lead to less passion and sex, that their partner will start packing on pounds, or the complaining will never stop. Seeing and focusing on all the negatives will get you nowhere. Everyone knows relationships take work, so work on creating and maintaining the good things, and you'll have a far better chance and ensuring it lasts.

The Like/Love Conundrum

The biggest reason people break up because there is no guarantee that by liking someone whom it will develop into love. Some people stay with someone because the sex is great, and they don't really argue or push the issue of a future. People like to live in the moment for a while, but as soon a s the L-word starts getting tossed around, they bolt. Love and like are two completely different things. I believe most people know right from the beginning how they feel. Don't lead people on and you can avoid painful and difficult situations later.

Too in love?

Men especially are chickens. They get so protective of their emotions and become afraid of being hurt. If a man feels like he's in a relationship where she may dump him, he may go on the offensive and break up with her first. They also don't like a woman trying to assert too much power over them. I know it seems a little ridiculous, but no-one wants to feel vulnerable and paranoid in a relationship. So when people push away it's like self preservation. Security and trust need to be developed to ensure the love your sensing is real and lasting.

There is no secret formula to lasting relationships. Everyone has their own way of doing things. However, you can learn from mistakes. If any of these things exists in your relationship you may be headed towards a breakup. Talk to your partner. Find out how they feel. After all, being in love and happy should be each other's responsibility. Make sure you do your best to keep your love alive.

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