5 Attitudes That Are Destroying Your Marriage

I do not think anyone marries thinking about the day of their divorce. When we are at the altar, generally, we all dream of aging and forming a family in the best way with whom we have chosen to live the rest of our lives.

However, there are 5 attitudes that are destroying your marriage, that can completely lapse all the plans and dreams for our relationship, but if you still do not know what kind of actions I speak, then it is time to continue reading before it is too late:

Destroying your marriage: Emotional blackmail

It is essential that both have the option to express freely and respectfully their feelings, complaints and suggestions so that things that are not easy to cope with come to fruition.

Otherwise you start to fall into comments of the type «I do not know if I can spend my life with someone who is as little demonstrative as you», managing to create the feeling of insecurity in the other, which is not at all healthy within the couple.

Destroying your marriage: Emotional anesthesia

There are few couples who show great luxury among their friends: jewelry, trips to paradisiac destinations, dinners in exotic places and many other «details». However, the problem begins when the money wants to cancel the emotional lacks.

It is not worth going with a diamond ring where your wife apologizes for not getting to the appointment they had agreed months in advance. Well this only generates a kind of anesthesia, overlooking the true emotional needs that led them to start a serious relationship.

Destroying your marriage: Live with jealousy over.

It is true that we all find it nice to know how important we are to our partner, however when we become obsessed with the issue of jealousy, the mental health of both begins to be in danger.

Therefore, it is essential that both trust who they have next, forgetting to leave spaces for there to be different types of doubts between them.

Destroying your marriage: Believe that the other is a fortune-teller.

You arrive from work and you had a terrible day, so you just want to turn on the TV and watch a movie together, but you get home and your partner is with his friends watching the game of his favorite football team.

Surely you will be upset and blame the other for not having known or the plans you had made in your mind, much less the desire you had to get home to find peace.

The only detail you missed is that your husband is not a fortuneteller, so it is necessary to let him know that you are facing a difficult day and that you want to spend the rest of the night with him, otherwise he will not have how to guess your intentions.

Destroying your marriage: Sarcastic comments.

It is said that sarcasm is for intelligent people, but apparently emotional intelligence does not apply in these cases. Well it is not necessary that every time your partner makes a mistake you do not say anything, but at the slightest opportunity you attack him with a passive comment – aggressive own black humor.

Do not let this type of attitude help to bury your relationship. Allow spaces for good communication to avoid these types of attitudes that will only take them straight to the path of divorce.

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