4 Steps To Falling In Love With Your Ex Again

Falling In Love With Your ExKnowing how to fall in love with your ex rightly can give you that chance you are looking for and achieve a second chance in your love life. In fact there are some techniques to love and seduce that works almost for anyone who applies them.

Seduction and love share a lot of similar characteristics. There are definitely several universal traits that men and women possess, and that make them intrinsically more attractive to the opposite sex. In fact the techniques that work to infatuate an ex boyfriend, can work to almost love any man.

To falling in love with your ex you need to practice some tips:

1. You have to get in touch with your ex and get a meeting somewhere relatively isolated.

It does not have to be something intimate like going for a walk to some lonely place, a quiet cafeteria can serve. Make up a reason to get together with your ex, but let it be for something really reasonable.

For example, tell him that you want to ask him for some advice or suggestion about a subject or profession that he dominates. If it is for a good reason you will have no objection to meeting with you.

2. Get all your beauty to shine but it does not look like you’re going to a wedding or something too special.

Make sure you look great and wear the perfume you liked best. Emphasize a little of your time in improving your style and your appearance … because this is the key. You can wear some clothing that your ex has given you or some clothing that has something special for him, something that you used on a romantic night or some important moment for both.

3. Talk about how good you’ve been, and the good things that are happening to you, even if there is some lie in it.

It is not a question of boasting before your ex, but that he sees that despite his rupture you still survive and that it is nothing to die for. You can try something like: «things have gone very well! But I’ve been very busy with work (or studies) … I just got an upgrade and my boss really keeps me busy. »


«I’ve been traveling a lot lately! I went to Amsterdam last July. By the way, one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever visited! »

See what I mean? You’re subtly saying that your life is awesome without your ex.

4. Now, if you really want to seduce and fall in love with your ex again, then you have to flirt a little and fondle him.

Seducing your ex can actually be quite easy … Using touch is one of the most important aspects in the act of seduction. You have to touch it without realizing that you really want to touch it. Start by placing your hand on your knee or taking your hands gently for a few seconds, this will awaken the desire to caress you and even kiss you.

If you’re really subtle, you can Falling In Love With Your Ex. Just remember that you should not be so obvious so that your ex does not know that you want to seduce him and unless he thinks that you really die for him. If you do it correctly you will have an opportunity for your ex to relive the flame of love that still exists between them.

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