4 Murderers Of a Relationship That Slowly Kill

Murderers Of a Relationship That Slowly Kill


These murderers can be subtle in any relationship. They can also be brutal and cruel. These can be both. But ultimately the result is the same. INEVITABLE DEATH.

These are the murderers of a relationship.

All of us have some experience with these murderers – both as victims and as the murderer himself. But keep in mind that we are human. And these can be our natural responses.

The research conducted in relationships. He says they can predict with 95% accuracy whether a marriage will end in divorce within 15 years by the micro-analysis in a couple talking for an hour.

It has been identified as the «Four Horsemen» that are destructive in all relationships. Well, let’s see if any of these riders this galloping through your marriage or dating relationship.

1. The murderer of a relationship is contempt: This occurs in one of the couples with a negative character trait blamed as if the person is less and the other is superior.

This murderer indicators are:

* The insults such as «bitch, bastard, wimp, fat, stupid, ugly, lazy, lazy …»

* The hostile humor, sarcasm or mockery.

* Body language: tone of voice, facial expressions continued, eyes.

2. The defensive attitude. This is in response to any negative situation «is not my fault – it’s your fault This is to see yourself as a victim and the reaction is to protect against an attack – whether real or merely in the imagination ..

The indicators are:

* The fabricated excuses (eg, the circumstances are beyond my control)

* Talk to something with an attack – any complaints or criticisms with an attack.

* «Yes, you begin to accept, but then you say a» but «basically overrides anything that had already been agreed.

3. The murderer of obstruction: Leaving the relationship or leave the conversation as a way to avoid conflict. People think they are neutral and trying to keep the peace. But the clog or leave it really means disapproval, distance, separation, disconnection, and judgment.

This murderer indicators are:

* The silence
* The monosyllabic answers
* Change instantly topic
* Physically leave (ie leave the room)

Another of the murderers of a relationship is to criticize your partner.

4. The cruel Review: This attack is the personality or character of a person, usually with the intention of showing that you are right and your partner is wrong.

The indicators are:

* All generalizes: «Always …» «Never …» etc.
* «Why are you so …»

But the question here is what are the remedies to these asesisnos in our relationships? I will offer some suggestions.

– Learn to say specific things with specific data. Generalizations are not useful. «When you say this, I felt it.»

– Practice communicating with good intentions. That means saying «truth – no». Direct truth «And listen more than talk.»

– Rate the feelings of your partner. That is what they are feeling. Their experiences. Refrain from telling them that they should not feel that way. That does not mean you agree. But his feelings are your feelings.

– Appreciate your partner. Tell your partner that you appreciate as it is. Usually, our complaints fornan 5% from the experiences with others. Focus on the 95% – and appreciated.

– Change your thoughts self-righteous or innocent victim with thoughts of responsibility and humility. Be kind and gentle with others – and indeed yourself.

Despite all these tips on the murderers of a relationship, I also recommend that you ask God to give you the kind of love that tdos find described in the Bible.


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