3 Ways to Avoid Being Dropped By Your Boyfriend!

Ways to Avoid Being Dropped By Your BoyfriendIt is a terrible and sad time when a relationship seems to be in the past and about the break for your boyfriend. Certainly, you feel sad, angry and rejected. It’s a chaotic time in your life being abandoned by the person whom you love deeply. If you go through a breakup, feeling pain and confusion you feel, especially if unexpected, can not be imagined.

Not long ago, it seemed that women were pulling the man, but now things have changed and men are fucking women. The problem when a man breaks a woman esque are not so good as to why the relationship has ended.

In this article, I have your attention why some men so cruelly broken with women. Here are three main reasons why men put an end to the relationship so that you can always be awake to avoid a sad and regrettable.

1. The lack of communication! Cause of being dumped by your boyfriend

Studies have shown that one of the main reasons why men tend to break with women is the lack of communication. The key to a successful relationship is good communication is and if you and your boyfriend are struggling to communicate, then there are serious problems in your relationship

2. Excessive demands on women!

An obvious feature in most women is that starting a relationship see men for what they are and what they are good. But as time passes, some women begin to make enough and heavy demands on her man. Many times women like to have control in a relationship and want to enforce the rules and set limits to their partners.

As the relationship progresses expect the man begins to spend more time indoors and less time with friends. If a man is not willing to change your life to fit his «partner» way of life, then this can cause too much pressure on him. You must realize that putting too much pressure and too many demands on a man is a recipe for a break.

3. Women in need! Cause of being dumped by your boyfriend

Men obviously like to play the role of hero, so you can give your ego a nice boost when a woman plays the «damsel in distress» role. However, this is usually good from time to time, but it becomes annoying if you are constantly in need and always want to have him. Although there is no crime in wanting a man to depend to some extent, it is important to you to display a degree of independence.

Of course, you lose respect for yourself if you are too sticky and can not do anything for yourself. Be very careful with this trend, since it can even be a little creepy if you develop an obsession with your man and not let it develop. When you expect to spend every free minute with you, he will feel suffocated and will have the need to be free. When the relationship reaches this dangerous level, the inevitable will be abandoned by your boyfriend.

But all is not lost. Here’s your guide to bring him back.

And you, what do you do to get your boyfriend?

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