3 Effects of Technology In Your Relationship

Technology In Your Relationship

Technologies can narrow their distances, but their impact on partner relationships goes beyond communication, as they can accelerate a break.

A couple can enter into a relationship with another person, while their current partner does not know, and even build a new future with their love online.

Is it really to worry?

Advantages and disadvantages.

Technology is a part of life, but here we tell you how they influence your relationship, with information from Alexis Lickerman, vice president of Student Health and Counseling Services at the University of Chicago. Surprise yourself!

1. It is easier to damage the relationship. That in person, this because it facilitates the creation of misunderstandings. Remember, non-verbal language accounts for 40% of human communication.

If the message you want to express is not present, it may not arrive clearly.

2. Generates concern. If you delay a long time answering a message the other person will experience anxiety and fear, since you will hardly think that the reason you do not respond is that you are busy.

3. Advantage, it is easier to open your heart. For many couples it is easier to open an online chat; Where they do not need to «face».

This allows them to express their emotions without fear of being rejected.

Tip: Technology is a great tool, but you should use it sparingly, especially reflecting on its use.

Before sending a text message read it before and think if it can be misinterpreted. Do not let the momentum win!

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