11 Common Lies Telling Those Who Betray

Common Lies Telling Those Who Betray

People who betray tend to create a whole work to make his betrayal work. They are really meticulous. One of the weapons they use, is the lie.

Statistically, regarding marital betrayal – it is said that men and women have certain pattern of lying. I’ll list some of the most common lies they tell those who betray.

Lies they tell those who betray.

«I’ll work late»

Nothing is more false than someone says you have to work overtime. The problem is that this leads to the traitor can have more time away from home to betray.

«I’m going to the Academy»

Whoever betrays use this excuse to go with another person or flirt with someone of the same academy.

«I’ll buy a Gift»

The good thing is that he or she cares and has this detail. But it is too cruel to use this weapon to go with someone else.

«I have a work trip»

Some professions require a person to spend a day or more days away from home, but is the favorite dish of a traitor. Outside the spouse can do whatever they want.

Sometimes the journey may be true for work and betrayal can be in the middle, in other have nothing to do with work and travel just to be with someone else.

«I’m meeting my friends, only men»

It’s okay to want to cultivate friendship and sometimes small talk is necessary. But Van only men in this meeting? Or any single friend? They will meet in a bar, a mall, a restaurant?

«I’m going to visit my mother»

The woman or man uses the mother in the story only to betray. If you do not get along with your partner’s mother may not suspect that she is not there.

«I go to the SPA to see me beautiful»

Treatments that are made in the SPA take time and some sessions. This gives you plenty of time for the traitor into action. Still, he says that they look good thinking to please others.

Another lies they tell those who betray is «going shopping»

Echo Women love to shop, love strolling through the mall, etc. They can spend hours doing it. As also can use this as a pretext to betray.

Treason other lies.

«I’ve been there all the time» …
«It’s not what you’re thinking» …
«I had never happened before» …

Look at your partner’s attitudes. If you feel that is very different from his usual way, you should try to find out why this change. You should not judge your partner beforehand.

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