The Owner Of Your Heart

10 Ways To Feel The Owner Of Your Heart (these secrets will take away any other woman)

Love is a wonderful feeling, which must be maintained every day, to prevent it from weakening. All women wish to be the owners of the heart of the man we love, to strengthen the bonds of union, commitment, respect and trust, satisfying all their needs and avoiding infidelity.

All women know what to do to conquer a man and keep him in love, however, the burden of responsibilities, monotony, worries, conflicts, among others, are enemies for that love to be broken.

What do you do to be the owner of your heart?

1. Make plans

Breaking with the routine is an effective way to feel the owner of your heart. When making plans to go out, surprise him with a short trip, go to the cinema, the theater, a concert or just walk through a park, he will feel a commitment with you to make you happy, managing to spend quality time with the man you love.

He will be able to cancel any other commitment for wanting to satisfy you and nurture love in the relationship.

2. A photograph

That he has a picture of you in his office, wallet, screen on his cell phone or computer, is a way to show you that you are the owner of his heart and his life. If you do not have it yet, take a photograph and obséquiasela, tell it is a gift for him to always think of you at all times.

3. Become your confidant

I agree that women think and act differently than men, many times they are thinking about things that do not matter to us like sports, cars, movies, etc. To be the confidant of your partner, you must know their tastes and hobbies and be more interested in their conversations. Learn to listen to it and understand it, so that he can express his feelings.

4. Give him confidence

All men are away from women who are jealous and possessive, so avoid creating stories that are not true, much less when you have no reason. Try to show that you trust him fully and that you love him, give him his space and freedom.

5. Support him in his projects and goals

Give your man the freedom to make decisions, although sometimes you do not agree, you must support him to achieve his goals and carry out all the projects he has in mind. Remember the popular saying «the one who does not risk does not win». He will never put family stability at risk, therefore motivate and help him.

6. Details

Help him to lighten the burdens of his responsibilities, It’s a great detail of love! When you have the opportunity to do some kind of task or situation that he usually does, offer your help, for example: yes he usually does his car, give him the surprise of washing you, if he has to stay awake to finish his work, prepare a pitcher of tea or coffee so that he feels loved, loved and pampered.

7. Rings

Some couples do not have a symbol that projects their union with society, maybe they did not get married in the church and they live in a free union and do not have rings. It is a way to feel the owner of your heart when the two carry their ring. Not only shows the union and commitment, but the love they have for each other.

If you still do not have them, I recommend that it be the next gift for your anniversary. In case you have them, never forget to put it on and remember it.

8. Take care of it

Take care of your physical and emotional health. Avoid as much as possible to create good habits especially food and physical. If he sees that you care about his well-being and health, you will be the owner of his heart.

9. Keep your spirits up and be positive

The state of mind is vital to have an excellent family convience. If he sees that you complain constantly, that you cry, that you are depressed, you will be moving away. So change your way of being, think positive, be happy, smile, make jokes and try that all the time you spend aside, be harmonious.

10. Never stop being feminine

Do not forget your personal grooming and hygiene. Do not stop being feminine, dresses faults, dresses, paint your nails, dye your hair, make up, so he will always see you spectacular and beautiful, apart from that you will feel very well. So he will always want to get home to be by your side.

All love relationships have fantastic stories, create your own story, be unique and enjoy the blessings that life offers you. Surely you have a wonderful man by your side who loves you with all his heart.

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