10 Tricks To Recover Your Ex Psychological And Emotional

Tricks To Recover Your Ex

Do you want to know effective Tricks to recover your ex? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to regain a relationship after a great fight in just weeks or days?

It gives the impression that it did not take the slightest effort, and so, at first sight, everything is as before or even sometimes, the better.

10 Emotional Psychological Tricks to recover Your Ex Back.

Do you want to know effective tricks to recover your ex? Have you ever wondered how some people seem to regain a relationship after a great fight in just weeks or days?

It gives the impression that it did not take the slightest effort, and so, at first sight, everything is as before or even sometimes, the better.

Although it seems an act of magic, the truth is that these people know and apply something that maybe you have not tried, and is that there are certain psychological and emotional triggers that can help you recover your ex. Test these 10 tricks and you will also see the results.

1.- Make you believe your ex does not want it back

It is part of human nature to want something that they can not have, so once you make your ex-believer believe that he can not just return with you whenever he wants, this will make him want to be with you even more strongly.

2.- Do not try to change your ideas, change your mood

When it comes to love, people do not react with the brain, they act based on their state of mind. This means that all your attempts to rationalize with your ex are basically going on deaf ears.

Even if you think of the brightest things to discuss with your ex about the reasons why they should return, it just will not work. Instead of spending time on this, try to change your mood.

Talk about how things were before the relationship deteriorated. Remind her of all the fun things she used to do together and try to reach her heart, not her head. You will soon notice that you will not be indifferent.

3 .- Do not give the appearance of being depressed if not happy

You must understand that the rupture of the relationship has not defeated you, it should make you stronger. When you start crying in the hallways you will only be 95% less attractive.

Do not use your social networks to show how bad you are, on the contrary, you must give the impression of being well and overcoming the situation (without falling into exaggerations), this can help you to give your ex a little jealousy.

Although inside you feel depressed, try not to appear, you will soon see that things improve if your ex sees you in a state of depression do not expect him to come running to rescue you because the chances of this happening are very small.

Your ex will not want to spend time with a person who seems to carry a black cloud over his head. Would you like it?.

4.- Turn the situation, have your ex you feel that you put it

This is one of the most effective tricks to recover your ex. The idea is that if your ex tries to talk to you you seem to be busy with other things.

Do not let the things he does affect you visibly and do not reveal that you have the hopes of regaining the relationship because he contacted you.

Try to go ahead and overcome the situation and make it who he wants and needs to look for you to recover the relationship.

5.- Have new things to tell

Remember that one of the most important things is that your ex does not know that you’ve been out there crying and waiting for him to communicate with you, it does not matter if it’s true.

So, ideally, you should do new things so you have things to tell him when you see him again. Tell them fun stories and different experiences that you have had since you last saw each other. This is a great way to make your ex jealous without needing someone else.

6.- I know how you were before

Just before the relationship ended, it is likely that both have been involved in a negative cycle. The idea is to remember how things were in the beginning and to try to recover those things that made them feel good.

If at the end of the relationship you had become a possessive person, you must work to avoid returning to that jealousy.

If you did things to keep him always happy at all costs, you should stop having those attitudes that make you look like a desperate person. What you should want is for your ex to remember the old times, not the bad ones.

7. Stay calm all the time.

The last thing you should do is have an overreaction when you see your ex doing something you do not want to see him do. If you see it with another person, do not let those emotions get the best of you, do not allow yourself to show emotions and much less anger, if you do, you’ll regret it.

8. Let things get uncomfortable.

If the relationship with your ex lasted a certain time, it is obvious that they will feel very comfortable being with each other. They may be accustomed to calling themselves in some special way or to having certain particular rites.

When you see your ex again, let things get a bit uncomfortable. What you want is to make your ex feel that things in that way do not make sense and although they can not continue doing those things that made ates and not doing them does not feel good.

9.- Use reverse psychology

When you see your ex tell him blatantly that he was right, that they really were not meant for each other and that things were not going to work anyway.

When you hear this, your ex will immediately think the opposite. No one would like to hear that it is so obvious that he was not the right person and that this is something you see so clearly.

10.- Pursue your own interests

Now that you’re single try to do all those things that you always talked about but never did. Make them so that your ex will find out. You will most likely feel left out and disappointed so that you begin to reconsider the relationship.

Follow these tricks to recover your ex and it is sure to start missing you. Do not feel that you are being manipulative, all the suggestions and tips that are listed in this article are essential in helping you raise self-esteem.

As these techniques are focused on you, they work very well to re-attract your ex. What will happen is that your ex will feel left out and as if he were the person who was removed from the relationship.

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