Signs That It's Time To Go Back To Your Ex

10 Signs That It’s Time To Go Back To Your Ex

Why receive back who left my life at your own risk? Do I want to be with someone who did not want to be with me at the time? Am I crazy for even considering it?

All these are valid questions with regard to the issues of reconciliation of couples, because the answers to these questions arise from a subjective point of view: «I’m still in love with my ex». For love, people are perfectly capable of doing anything.

Before I started writing about this, I had to ask myself if I was against reconciliations, especially in that in order to recover your ex and your love, you could harm another person or yourself by putting your happiness before; what is clearly something that I am against.

Do you feel love for that person? You love him? You love yourself? Remember that love sometimes blinds us and clouds our thoughts, not letting us see clearly what we want. Many times they reach the degree of obsession; however, these reasons are not really good enough to go back to your ex.

Leaving aside the dark side of a return, let’s analyze the reasons that could give you light about it and that would make a positive go back to your ex.

1. The ego

The ego is the main promoter of a seemingly healthy relationship ending. If you and your ex after seeing each other a couple of times have detected that this excess of ego is over, they could well give themselves a reconciliation and return to try again. They should be based on the scoop that they now learned from their mistakes and be ready to share more, objectively.

2. The children

Our children live and suffer in a very different way before a relationship that breaks down and ends. On many occasions, they become the innocent victims of our breakup. If there is a possibility of a return, the most important thing should be our children. It is necessary to move to the background to better cement your future life.

3. The distance

I know a couple who ended up because she had to go abroad to work and they could not agree on what to do. But once they had a couple of years of separation, that situation ended and she returned very much in love with him and looking for him. It took them a couple of months to agree on their terms of return, but they work normally today. They reinforced their bonds of trust, love and respect.

4. Positive environment

Many times the marriage is perfect, but the economic circumstances are not. Therefore, if you ended up with someone because the economic situation as a whole was impossible and now both have improved their economy and are ready to move forward, there should be no greater inconvenience for their love to continue without major complications.

5. Friends and family

Ok, you finished and all your friends or your family said to you: «It’s a mistake», or: «They should stay together», because the common thing is that friends and family tell you to keep going. But if the case is that your thoughts were positive towards your relationship, then you should think better and go back to your ex.

6. Vision of the future

When you finished your relationship, did you realize that they let themselves go and blinded did not see that the plans and the potential future they had together was better and bigger than separated? You should think for a moment that the future is the great expectation of all union. Only realizing this situation and communicating with each other will give them a new and renewed impulse to return together.

7. Your relationship was the best

If you consider or find that you or your ex think that among you worked to a thousand wonders honesty, trust, respect and communication, then do not expect more and return. What has separated them can not be better than the four previous things.

8. The weather

It’s been a few months since you broke up, you have not seen or contacted. You have retired to meditate calmly and time things You find that your time together has been the pillar that moves what you do, that your only memory puts a smile on your face and that your soul rejoices to know that it is okay. Be honest with yourself, it’s time to find and return again.

9. You

The best reason of all: You. After a while you realize that you continue to love that person. You know that person fills you, that every part of you is strange, and that you are in the best of plans to make it work. Without wasting time, communicate your decision, end the ego and stay happy together.

10. They can not fail

Think about it from this point of view, they already separated once, their spaces were given, their mistakes matured and they became successful. Do you think you can fail again? The truth is that I doubt it very much and they could only become a success that will lead them to happiness.

Not all relationships that end a reconciliation, but if you have asked these questions, if the answers lead to reconciliation and if your feeling is not one-sided, hurry to rediscover your other half.

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