10 Pitfalls To Get Your Ex Partner!

Pitfalls To Get Your Ex PartnerPitfalls To Get Your Ex.. When they try to regain his former nine out of ten men make one or more of the typical errors that mention in this chapter.

The man who incurs such errors normally get any of the following undesirable results:

Not regain his former:

Because all the mistakes that you are about to meet violate the law of scarcity and reduce the eigenvalue, his former partner not experience any interest in returning to his side.

Recovery takes too:

Sometimes a man can get his ex despite committing some typical errors, but recovery usually takes too long and require much more effort compared to the time and effort required to follow the strategy that very few men know and you’re about to learn in this eBook.

The ratio control is lost:

When a man commits any of the standard errors will not recover to its former or recovery take too long. It often happens that the product of the insistence relationship rather than attraction is restored, and when a woman agrees to stay with you after insisting she does too without setting conditions. By accepting the conditions you lose control of the relationship which causes unwanted following result:

If the relationship is restored lasts a short time:

When you overstressed and your partner agree to come back to you as a result of your insistence more than a real attraction, she set their conditions and you lose control of the relationship.

A relationship not based on attraction usually lasts very little, which means that the long time and effort to reconquer your former partner will time and wasted effort, because the relationship will last very little, assuming it gets to be restored .

To avoid any unwanted results just mentioned is necessary to know what are the ten typical mistakes that most men make when trying to win his ex-wife:

Pitfalls To Get Your Ex Partner.

Error No. 1: Look it, follow … and to harass her.

When attempting to win back his former partner the first action that most men undertake is look, this seems to be the most sensible response and is the first thing friends and family advise: If you love her go after her and ask her another chance.

But if you read carefully the content of this book so far, and especially the last chapter, you find it easy to understand why this is a mistake, it’s because it violates the law of scarcity and evident your need for closeness .

If she has left you go it is because it did not receive your high value, in this case show too available is the worst thing you can do for your value will be further reduced and it will only confirm that his decision to break up with you was the right one.

The more you look and minors follow your chances of recovering. As you will discover in the next chapter, the best you can do to rejection of your former partner is distancing yourself too.

This may seem contradictory and questionable, but it is a proven fact: If you stop search there are great chances that she starts looking for you, if you are not looking at least be more receptive and willing to return to you when the time is right to act.

Error No. 2: To call or mensajearla at all hours.

This error is very much related to the above. Some men face the estrangement from his former also distancing themselves physically, but seek to sustain contact through phone calls or text messages.

Still others remain in line a long time waiting for your ex to enter your instant messenger or Facebook or other social network, and as soon as she enters when they are already making contact asking him reflect on his decision and return.

Thus, even at a distance they keep looking for her, following her, and even harassing her. The result of this attitude is that continue to undermine its own value and violating the law of scarcity. Your ex still perceives the desire for closeness and responds with growing distance, which practically nullifies any hope of reconciliation.

Error No. 3: Buy her gifts.

Buy presents for your ex is perhaps the most unforgivable mistakes, it’s still one of the most used strategies when it comes to reconquer a woman. If you are someone who think a nice, expensive present will be enough to get your ex back after you have asked finish maybe you should consider a little more before making that decision.

First, a gift will only show that you needed it, so maybe she will find very nice the gift but it will not change their perception of you as a person.

Second, the gift and promises she’ll think you’re trying to compromise, even buying it. It is not likely to accept the gift if you like, not to be compromised.

Finally, thirdly, she broke up with you and that’s not something you should reward. The traditional system of incentives and penalties, oddly enough works wonders in personal relationships. If she has done something good reward her for it and continue to do so, if you have done something wrong punishes his recklessness and soon discover that she is better off being good to misbehave.

Clarification: At no time recommend nor accept the use of violence against women or against any human being, when in the previous paragraph I spoke of punishments I mean simple actions like ignoring the action or express your discomfort through speech or body .

Imagine what happens if you make the opposite action, rewarding and punishing bad behavior good, you are reinforcing the bad behavior and repressing the correct behavior, so you have less of what you want and what you do not.

An example of this is when a girl or group of girls are doing derisive jokes about you and you laugh at these jokes, they continue making fun of you because you’re rewarding bad behavior with laughter, but if instead you too you mock them, what do you think will happen?

Going back to what concerns us, if your ex is over you and you will deliver a gift will be rewarding bad behavior and consequently have more than you do not want. She might say, «Wow! I give best gifts now than when we were walking, so I keep telling him not to see what other gifts I receive from him. «

By giving gifts only you get that she does not accept the gift for fear of committing, or perhaps accept but without you do change your perception of yourself and your value.

That is why I consider this as the greatest and unforgivable errors when trying to win back your ex.

Pitfalls To Get Your Ex No. 4: Seek support from friends

Since both were partners must have friends in common, secure know her friends and her friends meet at least the closest.

When the relationship ends and one of the two you want to recover to another is very common to resort to that circle of friends for some help.

This involves introducing more people in a matter that should be of two. Besides that you will perceive you as immature and unable to cope on your own you can also manipulate the situation at will, for the friends of it will be on your side and not yours, while mutual friends are not always impartial especially if you turn to someone who is also interested in it and takes advantage of the situation to their advantage.

Sure you can take advantage of that circle of friends, but will not be requesting their support and intercession. If you do you will show just how are needed her and give discover that you’ve made a good decision to promote the break.

Error No. 5: Try to convince her to return

When a man tries to get his ex and restore the relationship that both had the standard formula to proceed it is to try to convince (with logical arguments) to return with him.

And it is that men are experts in the art of formulating logical arguments, logical and analytical side of the brain is more developed in men, while in women the side of the brain that is intuitive and emotional is more developed.

So it is so easy for man to argue logical reasons to restore the relationship: It has much love to give, will work hard to make you never miss anything, always will be faithful, proposes you start something serious and lasting, is an honest man, etc. .

The problem is that logical arguments do not have enough power to influence the unconscious desires of women. Usually when a woman decides to end a man is because in it there are unmet needs emotional level, and not with logical arguments as those needs can be met.

Trying to convince a woman to change a decision with such emotional charge is as difficult as trying to convince an alcoholic to stop drinking only talking to him, you can expose hundreds of logical reasons why alcohol will damaged, and he can understand those reasons, but that is rarely enough to make him stop drinking.

If you want your ex back with you you’ll make no logical reasons arguing, you must convince an emotional level and this is achieved through actions rather than words. From the next chapter you will find the actions that allow you to achieve a high degree of safety.

Pitfalls To Get Your Ex No. 6: Accept friendship

Typical scene of romantic soap opera:

She: I’m sorry Jose Gerardo Antonio, but we must finish.
He: No, please! Maria Fernanda Soledad, I love you.
She: Ours can not be Jose Gerardo Antonio, now I can only offer you my friendship.

He: Maria Fernanda Soledad Okay, I’ll be your friend. Remember that you can always tell me that if one day you feel alone here I’ll be waiting with the same love I feel for you since the day I met you …

This typical romantic soap opera scene is repeated in real life of many people all the time.

When a relationship ends almost always comes out the classic we remain friends. The other party accepts the friendship with the hope that when friends can continue frequenting your ex and so be able to win her back … someday.

But if you look at it from another perspective…

Accept your friendship gives you control your ex:
If you have already read the three volumes of Advanced Training System Seducción Infallible you are familiar with the concept of psychological hoops. A psychological test is a simple hoop seemingly innocent, but fall into it reduce your own value.

By agreeing to be his friend are falling into one of the biggest psychological hoops, you’re reducing your courage, breaking the law of scarcity, and could almost be said that burying all your hopes to get your ex.

Think about it: Why would you want to be friends with your ex and hear her talk on the pretenders who walk now trying to link it was free again?

Do not do it. When she offers to be friends you answer a non-emphatic and resounding, say you can not be friends with someone with whom you’ve had something else is unnatural and never works; you also have many friends already.

Do not say anything more, remember that very logical arguments that are have no effect when there are so many emotions involved.

Error No. 7: Discuss

When you have tried almost everything without success some people take hold of an additional resource: Discuss.

Seek your ex, they try to convince with logical arguments to restore the relationship, make calls that are not answered and messages are not returned … Finally one day meet and he changes strategy, far away from treat to convince begins a discussion, protesting to all unanswered calls, unreturned messages and many other things.

But rarely it works discuss who discusses, both qualities very unattractive for any woman does nothing but demonstrate his helplessness and despair.

Pitfalls To Get Your Ex No. 8: Appear jealous and needy

Display is too jealous also prevalent among men trying to regain his former partner error.

The relationship ended, but you’re still interested in it, you like it, want it, maybe you love her; it is natural that when a potential competitor appears approaching the object of your affection your being is filled with rage and jealousy …

But do not show it.

Jealousy is a demonstration of insecurity and now your goal is to win back your ex again make her feel attracted to you and interested in renewing their relationship. To achieve this you must show that you are a man sure of yourself, any demonstration of insecurity at this time can operate against you.

Jealousy is a very powerful weapon to get your ex, if the experiment who is she and not you. Later in this book you will discover how to jealousy play to your advantage to get your ex back very quickly.

Error No. 9: Drown your sorrows in alcohol or drugs

Of course this is a very serious mistake for self-destruction involved. Life is just a health and is not worth risking.

But also, she always hear about it and you will appear before your eyes as too weak and emotionally dependent.

As you’ll see in the next chapter, to get your ex you need to show strength of character, she must realize that the separation has not affected you and you can continue with your normal life and even improve it. Refuge in alcohol and drugs demonstrates exactly the opposite, that you are very concerned that you have not exceeded, and that your personal life is a complete disaster.

I need not say more.

Error No. 10: Follow aware of it and act as if they still continue together

Returning to the concepts of closeness and distance, most people respond to the distance looking closer, equivalent to trying to solve a problem doing the same thing that caused it.

A common way to do this is to answer the breakdown of the relationship continue acting as if still together.

He is still looking for her to take her by car to school or work, still sending gifts on Valentine’s Day, still calling her to congratulate her on her birthday, etc.

With this all that is achieved is that the former is shown even more reluctant to resume the relationship, because you perceived as someone immature and unable to overcome a goodbye.

Do you sound familiar these ten mistakes?

Almost everyone I know who have gone through a break of couple, is that they have lived directly or through the experience of family and friends, recognize such errors. Whenever you try to win back an ex partner appear one or more of them, but now you are aware of them and you will be aware of your actions to prevent such acts.

With only done to avoid these ten mistakes you have already made good progress on the way toward recapturing your ex, but avoiding them is not enough. Get your ex is a multi-step process that must follow one by one to achieve the goal, and you’re about to learn what those steps and how to carry them out.

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