1 Psychological Trick To Make Your Ex To Love You Again

Make Your Ex To Love You Again

If you recently broke your relationship, you realize as well how hard it can be to get back your ex and to love you again. Often you do not even return your calls, text messages or emails. Obviously this makes your ex back is hard.

If you can not talk to your ex, you definitely can not solve problems or correct what was wrong, or ultimately be together again.

Psychological Trick to make your ex love you again..

Before you talk about how this simple psychological trick can change things for you in a moment, we’ll see how we usually try to get back with someone we love. And understand why we do it never works.

Usually, we say how much we love them, how much you think of him or her, and how much we are willing to change. The problem with this is you’re trying to change your mind. Think about it (if you’re a girl): A man approaches you and gives you a list of all the reasons to have sex with him.

Now think about this (if you’re a man): a girl comes up to you and gives you a list of all the reasons that you fall in love and die for love of her. That work? Probably would not work.

Because the attraction and desire are behaviors of our subconscious mind, instead of reason and logic are behaviors of a conscious mind.

Realize, you are literally speaking the wrong language. Juste de parler français comme à essayer quelqun qui ne parle pas il. (Like trying to speak French to someone who does not speak and least understood).

You are literally talking to the wrong part of your brain. So, what should you do? Instead of trying to change your mind, learn to change your mood.

Everything we do, every behavior that we are focused on our mood. You realize that this is true in your own life. You realize that you’re more likely to do things for people if you feel good mood.

Understands the key to getting your ex interested in you again is to change your mood. If you’re really willing to have a little patience and a little courage, you can change things in an instant. We’ll show you how.

After a breakup, your ex will likely have some negative feelings (anger, bitterness, or simply do not want to see you) to you. Otherwise, he would not have broken the relationship.

If you call, you send text messages, e-mail, you send messages on FB, you show, you’re reinforcing those feelings? Well, that’s right. If you want your ex to let those negative feelings disappear, you can make him remember the good thoughts.

Good memories.
Good jokes.
Good times in private.

With these memories (rather than memories of frustration, anger, whatever) something beautiful buds emerge Named Desire. And that desire is what makes him miss you.

You know this is a psychological trigger that works. You really know it works because it has worked for you. With your ex does not return your calls, you see your ex around you, do not you want more? Of course you do.

Now, you use the same trick to make your ex want you again to your advantage. This is the true power. And it is important to understand that power comes from you.

This is what I want you to do:

Do not communicate with your ex.
Nothing call.
No emails.
Nothing pigeons.
All this for at least three weeks.

If you do that, and let this powerful psychological trigger to get to work for you, you will get your ex suddenly feel the seeds of desire ever more strongly towards you again.

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